Unmatched Performance: The DC 1425 Cooling Fan by YCCFAN

As a renowned cooling fan manufacturer, YCCFAN introduces the DC 1425 Cooling Fan, a superior cooling solution that embodies precision and efficiency in cooling technology. With dimensions of 140x140x25mm, this fan exemplifies YCCFAN’s commitment to excellence in providing cutting-edge cooling solutions.

Advanced Insulation Resistance for Safety

Featuring insulation resistance of a minimum of 10 megohms at 500 VDC between the frame and terminal, the DC 1425 Cooling Fan prioritizes safety and reliability. This attribute underscores YCCFAN’s dedication to delivering products that adhere to high-quality and safety standards.

Versatile Function Options for Customization

The DC 1425 Cooling Fan is equipped with a range of function options including FG, RD, PWM, Auto Restart, and Polarity Protection. These features provide users with flexibility and control over the fan’s operation, allowing for customization to meet specific cooling requirements.

Efficient Cooling Performance for Diverse Applications

Engineered for optimal performance, the DC 1425 Cooling Fan delivers precise airflow and temperature control for a variety of applications. Whether used in industrial settings, electronic devices, or other environments, this fan ensures efficient cooling performance, showcasing YCCFAN’s expertise and reliability as a leading cooling fan manufacturer.


In conclusion, the DC 1425 Cooling Fan by YCCFAN sets a new standard in cooling technology. With its advanced insulation resistance, versatile function options, and efficient cooling performance, this fan demonstrates YCCFAN’s dedication to providing top-quality cooling solutions that cater to diverse needs. As a trusted cooling fan manufacturer, YCCFAN continues to innovate and deliver products that excel in performance, reliability, and precision.

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