Unimate Parking Stops An Essential Tool For Road Safety

No one appreciates a moderate speed limit, especially when you’re in a hurry and have to slow down. Roughly 3 to 6 inches tall, parking stops have saved lives over the years. They are tried and tested methods to slow people down and direct traffic properly. People are questioning the need for parking stops.

The Unimate Traffic Industry in the USA is famous for manufacturing high-quality traffic tools. They also sell their products through online stores. You can buy their products wholesale. Customers are happy with their products and services. They provide the best sales and discounts on their products.

Especially in suburban and residential areas where demand is high. After all, they were originally intended for urban streets. This article gives information about parking stops. Installing speed bumps in commercial facilities has many benefits, including increased safety. Check out some of the key benefits of parking Stops.

Benefits Of Using Speed Humps

There are many benefits of using speed humps. Speed Humps or bumps are made of different materials. The basic purpose of using speed humps or bumps throughout the world is to slow down speedy cars. They are used in different areas, especially on roads. Let’s discuss the different benefits of speed humps.

Slowing People Down

The main purpose of speed bumps is to slow people down. This is very important in high-traffic areas. Strategically placed speed bumps can impede speeding vehicles in front of intersections, on- and off-ramps, and sharp turns. This helps prevent long-distance accidents. Discourages drivers from being reckless when in a hurry.

Uses For Consideration Of Pedestrian

Pedestrians are highly vulnerable to speeding. No matter how careful he is crossing the street, one speeding car can endanger his life. Speed ​​bumps reduce fatalities in vehicle accidents. If the driver is forced to slow down, the pedestrian has more time to cross the vehicles. It is important to have it near schools where children use the street.

Uses For Traffic Control

People in a hurry generally tend to avoid roads known to be lined with speed bumps. This diverts some traffic from one road to the other. For example, if there are some speed bumps on a street by a school, many drivers will choose a different route to avoid traffic jams on that particular street.

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Best Quality Speed Humps By Unimate Traffic

A variety of products is manufactured by Unimate. If you want to buy the best quality product even online. This article helps you to buy the best products. 6’Economy Recycled rubber is one of the best products. Features of this product are as follows.

  • It includes free hardware.
  • You can also install it on asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Slow vehicles to 5 MPH.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Provide easy removal for storage and relocation.
  • Has yellow stripes which increase vertical visibility at night.
  • Non Skid surface.
  • Other details are given in the picture.


Speed Humps are especially used to slow down the speed of speeding cars. It is an essential traffic tool. It solves many traffic problems. There are many benefits of speed humps. It’s used for regulating traffic, for the construction of pedestrians, and slowing down speedy cars. This article also guides you about the best product of Unimate.

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