The Challenge Coin Rules You Need to Know

The Challenge Coin Rules You Need to Know

Are you among the 1.3 million Americans in the military? If you’re currently serving or are a veteran, you may have a challenge coin.

If you have one of these medallions, it’s critical to know the rules when someone issues you a challenge. Otherwise, you might be stuck buying a round of drinks or feeling embarrassed. Keep reading to learn more about challenge coin rules!

Always Carry Your Coin

If you are issued a medallion, such as a marine challenge coin, it should be with you at all times. In fact, you should be able to take only 4 steps to reach it. That’s because if someone issues a coin check, you’ll need to move quickly.

This means you need to dress accordingly so it always has a safe place to go. Remember that a challenge can be issued any time of day or in any location.

Issue a Clear Challenge

A coin check is a big part of challenge coin history dating back to World War I. In a check, you will ask another person to produce their coin. If they don’t, they may owe you a drink or another service.

If you’re the one initiating the challenge, you need to be clear. For instance, are you asking the person being challenged to buy everyone a drink at the table if they lose? And what happens if you challenge your whole table?

As the challenger, you need to own up to the prize if you lose. In other words, if the person challenged pulls out their coin instantly, be prepared to buy them a drink.

Avoid Losing Your Coin 

Avoid placing your coin on tables or giving it to other people. In either instance, you risk losing the coin and ultimately hurting your budget. And if you do lose it, you’ll need to replace it and buy drinks for anyone who knows in the meantime.

You are not able to waive coin checks while it is missing. The same is true if you give your coin as a gift to someone else, which you should never do.

And if you drop your coin, those around you might hear it. In that instance, you’ve started a coin check. You’ll need to issue a challenge that the people around you must meet.

Don’t Modify Your Coin

Don’t think of a challenge coin as a decorative object. It’s a representation of your membership in the military or another organization. And you should consider it an honor to have one.

Therefore, you shouldn’t puncture it, color it, or do anything else that modifies it. Avoid treating it like a piece of jewelry, too.

Understand the Challenge Coin Rules

Knowing the challenge coin rules can help you avoid the task of buying drinks for your friends. You’ll need to keep your challenge coin with you at all times and avoid losing it. Further, you should be clear when you issue a challenge and be willing to pay up if you lose.

When you want to learn more challenge coin facts, come back for new articles!

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