Technical SEO Vs. Content Marketing: Can You Do One Without The Other?

Technical SEO Vs. Content Marketing: Can You Do One Without The Other?

Both technical SEO and content marketing are frequently talked about as if they are two separate things entirely, and while they are fundamentally different, can you focus on one without the other and still succeed online? Let’s find out…

What is technical SEO?

So, what is technical SEO? Technical SEO refers to the process of performing website and server optimizations in order to help search engines successfully identify, crawl, and index a website with greater efficiency. It is essentially concerned with improving the overall ‘health’ and ‘hygiene’ of a website, enabling it to perform optimally.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing method involving the creation and sharing of useful online material (social media posts, blogs, videos, etc.), that is not actively promoting a brand’s products or services, but is intended to pique interest, educate, and inform.

Can you do one without the other?

Again, while both technical SEO and content marketing are treated as two separate activities, both elements must be used in conjunction with one another in order to be effective. When both skill sets are combined, the results can be tremendous. However, when one is carried out in absence of the other, the impacts are minimal.

For example, your website could have dozens of high-value articles, FAQs, and all manner of other informative elements, however, if the website itself is not properly optimised, Google will have a hard time ranking you and thus your ideal audience will not know that you exist.

Similarly, your website could be beautifully optimised with proper keyword research, a fast page load speed, and an intuitive UX design, however, if the website is devoid of any valuable content – and indeed you have little social proof – your website visitors will be far less likely to convert into paying customers.

Think of it like this:

  • Technical SEO is like having a diet plan and personal trainer to guide and control your form.
  • Content marketing is taking action and turning up to the gym.

You could have the technical knowledge and an awesome diet plan, but if you don’t put time into both you’ll be going nowhere. And you can turn up to the gym all you like, but unless you are eating the correct foods and training with proper form, your efforts will largely go to waste.

Conclusion: Cover all bases

In conclusion, if you want the best results and for your hard work to actually pay off, you need to cover all your bases.

Again, just because technical SEO and content marketing are treated as separate tasks, they are practically pointless if you do one without the other.

The good news is that if and when you decide to outsource to a reputable digital marketing agency to help promote your website, increase traffic, and ultimately convert those clicks into customers, they will be able to take care of both activities on your behalf with expert precision.

We hope that this article has effectively cleared up any confusion and wish you the best of luck with your online escapades!

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