Should You Remove Negative Google Reviews?

Did you know it’s estimated that online reviews influence $40 million worth of consumer spending? This statistic shows just how critical online reviews are for businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant or an online store; multiple negative reviews have the ability to seriously affect your business. So, what should you do when you encounter these negative reviews? Is it a smart idea to remove negative Google reviews?

If you want to learn the answer to these questions, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through whether or not you should remove these reviews and some alternatives you can try instead. Let’s get started!

Don’t Remove Negative Google Reviews

Negative reviews can be discouraging for a business. It can be tempting to just try and sweep them under the rug when you delete Google reviews posted by others.

However, we recommend that you never try removing negative Google reviews. Why? For starters, it’s incredibly difficult. There are ways to report a Google review that’s fake or spam.

But there’s no simple method of simply removing reviews you don’t like. Besides that fact, there are several other reasons why you shouldn’t hide Google reviews, which we will go into in the next section.

  1. It’s Untrustworthy

Did you know it’s actually normal to have a few negative Google reviews under your business? Think about it. When you encounter a business with nothing but five-star reviews, doesn’t something feel slightly off?

That’s because it’s not natural to have perfect scores across the board. You’re never going to be able to please everyone. A lack of negative reviews can make your business feel like a scam.

Indeed, if you’re actively removing them, then you are lying to your customers. That can damage a relationship that’s built on trust. But if you handle the negative reviews appropriately, you can actually build trust.

Be transparent when you make a mistake and work actively to fix it. This will show your customers that you’re human, just like everyone else.

  1. You Lose an Opportunity to Show Your Customer Service

People are going to experience problems with your business. Maybe the service they received wasn’t up to par. Or, the product they ordered came with a serious problem.

Regardless of what happens, you need to be prepared to rectify these issues. That’s why we recommend investing in your customer service department.

This can make dealing with negative reviews loads easier. Most of the time, when people complain about your business, they just want a problem fixed. If you fix this problem quickly by responding to the review positively, it demonstrates how great your business’s customer service is.

Future customers will pay attention to this. People want to know that they’ll be taken care of in the event of the unexpected. So, show them that your customer service skill is up to par.

  1. You Can Turn Unhappy Customers Into Happy Ones

If someone leaves an upset review, they’re likely pretty unhappy with your business. If you delete it, then all you be doing is making that person more upset.

You’re also losing the chance they make that customer happy. Remember that most negative reviewers have a problem that they want to be solved.

If you work with them to solve this problem, you can quickly change their mind about your entire business. Not only will you get them to change their review, but you can develop them into loyal customers or clients.

  1. Provides You With Valuable Feedback

Sometimes you’ll encounter a negative review that you can’t fix. It’s essential to try and use these types of reviews as feedback. Typically, we only want to listen to feedback when it’s positive.

But the reality is that negative feedback is much more valuable. It reveals weak spots in our business that are fixable.

So work to fix whatever issue the customer was complaining about. That way, you don’t get more reviews like it in the future.

What Should You Do About Negative Google Reviews?

So, if removing bad Google reviews is a bad idea, then what should you do with them? First, you need to be informed when a negative review occurs.

The easiest way to do this is by investing in google review monitoring software. This technology alerts you whenever a new review about your business is posted.

It allows you to respond to the review incredibly quickly. Make sure to check out this guide to learn more about google review monitoring. Once you find a bad review reach out to the person that wrote it.

Approach the review with a positive attitude and try to resolve it. Most of the time, negative reviews can be changed if you simply fix the problem the person is complaining about.

Maybe they received a damaged product when they ordered from your online store. In this case, simply send them a new product. In some cases, nothing can change the review writer’s mind.

When this happens, apologize politely and move on. If you can take anything constructive from the review, apply it to your business.

That way, you don’t get similar reviews in the future. It can be hard to live with bad reviews on your business. But this form of trial and error is an important part of growing as an owner.

Appreciate Learning About Negative Google Reviews? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you answer the question, Should you remove negative Google reviews? As you can see, Google reviews aren’t something you should try to get rid of. Instead, you should work to resolve them.

You can do this either by responding to them or taking their feedback seriously. Either way, don’t look at negative reviews as some evil, manipulative thing.

Instead, view them as an opportunity to improve your business.

If you keep exploring the articles on our website, you’re sure to find dozens of similar topics that you’ll love.

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