Sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Visa and MasterCard KGS card

Tether is a popular and well-quoted cryptocurrency of our time. Its unique features: the ability to develop various smart contracts, decentralization, a simplified mining system based on the Scrypt mining algorithm, and especially convenient and almost instantaneous execution of various transactions on favorable terms – all this and more has attracted many users. You can sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Visa and MasterCard KGS card on; it contains a lot of useful information regarding history, development, features, purpose, and wallet opening.

Tether is one of the three most popular cryptocurrency; today, it is traded on stock exchanges and in specialized exchangers. But, despite the many possibilities of this digital money, the need for finance in the real world is much higher. For all users, the relevant question is how to withdraw it, especially – is it possible to do this on international Visa/MasterCard cards?

The first option is to withdraw Tether through exchangers.

To withdraw funds from the Tether system and “transform” them into fiat money, particularly, into KGS, a conversion procedure (exchange at the established rate) must be carried out. To do this, you must resort to online exchangers’ help. Many of them are withdrawing Tether USDT stablecoin in TRC-20 network to Credit Card in KGS, using e-currency systems by following the link The principle of operation of exchange services is simple – the client gives a certain amount of Tether and, in return, receives KGS on the card of the selected bank (in the amount obtained after conversion at the exchange rate).

Is it possible to link a Visa/MasterCard card and directly withdraw Ethers from the exchange without intermediaries?

Those who purchased Tether by participating in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges are also looking for the simplest and most profitable ways to withdraw digital coins to a Visa/MasterCard Credit card. At the same time, everyone wants to make quick and direct transfers (without intermediaries) by linking, for example, their bank card to their account.

The Binance exchange took the first steps in implementing the described wishes of customers. One of the innovations is that it is now possible to link a Visa card to a user account on this platform. But there are still a lot of limitations in the function, in particular:

  • Withdrawals are only possible on Visa plastic cards; work is underway to launch support for MasterCard;
  • Linking is only allowed for cards issued by a banking institution in the European Economic Area (that is, countries such as France, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, etc.), and a KGS bank card cannot yet be linked.

How do you make withdrawals through exchangers profitable, with minimal costs?

Even though many are primarily inclined to work with exchanges due to the slightly reduced and favorable exchange rate, it is worth noting the misconceptions that have arisen. In some cases, exchangers turn out to be a more rational option. Working with them is simple and convenient; you can do it without registration and verification, i.e., withdraw your Tether confidentially, without problems and difficulties.

It is also interesting that each exchange service sets its currency exchange rate. Therefore, if you resort to the help of the resource with the lowest price, you can also make a profitable conversion. To quickly find a suitable service, you can use the services of any exchanger monitoring portal, for example,

Online exchangers make exchanges in any direction and work with different currency/cryptocurrency pairs. When choosing an exchange service, pay attention to the established exchange rate and additional conditions (commissions, limits on amounts). Then, the withdrawal of Tether to a Visa/MasterCard bank card will be done safely, quickly, and with minimal costs.

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