Sansure’s Core Technologies: Fueling Innovation in In Vitro Diagnostic Solutions

In the realm of in vitro diagnostic solutions, Sansure has emerged as a leading force of innovation, driven by its groundbreaking core technologies. Two key advancements, the One-Tube Fast Release Technology and the Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology, have revolutionized PCR detection and molecular diagnostics, respectively. By simplifying and streamlining complex processes, Sansure’s technologies have ushered in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in diagnostic testing and Iponatic 3. With a steadfast commitment to advancing core technologies, Sansure is reshaping the landscape of in vitro diagnostic solutions, propelling the field forward and improving patient care on a global scale.


Single-Tube Rapid Release Technology: Transforming PCR Identification

In terms of PCR detection, Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology is revolutionary. Pathogen lysis can be carried out quickly and efficiently thanks to this innovative method, which streamlines the sample processing procedure. Healthcare workers can accomplish results more quickly and effectively by doing away with the need for difficult and time-consuming steps. Additionally, the One-Tube Fast Release Technology improves PCR detection’s sensitivity, repeatability, and anti-interference capabilities, guaranteeing accurate and dependable diagnostic results.


Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology: Empowering Molecular Diagnostics

Sansure’s Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology is another core innovation that empowers molecular diagnostics. This technology optimizes nucleic acid extraction processes, simplifying and streamlining the isolation of high-purity and high-yield DNA/RNA. Through this advanced technology, laboratories can achieve accurate and reliable molecular diagnostic testing, facilitating better patient care and treatment decisions.

Setting the Bar Higher: Sansure’s Commitment to Advancing Core Technologies

Sansure is committed to continuous research and development, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation in in vitro diagnostic solutions. With its dedication to excellence, Sansure surpasses international standards with its advanced core technologies. By pioneering new possibilities and setting industry benchmarks, Sansure is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of in vitro diagnostic solutions.


In conclusion, Sansure’s core technologies are driving innovation in the field of in vitro diagnostic solutions. The One-Tube Fast Release Technology revolutionizes PCR detection, enhancing efficiency, sensitivity, and reproducibility. The Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology empowers molecular diagnostics, enabling high-purity and high-yield DNA/RNA isolation in this Thanksgiving Day. With its commitment to advancing core technologies, Sansure is shaping the future of in vitro diagnostic solutions and improving patient care worldwide.

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