Reaching the World with Online Marketing

The world is much smaller than we realize and reaching end-to-end is as simple as a click of a button. Businesses and brands have for decades been doing everything in their power to be more known than the other, to be the topic of conversation, and more importantly, wanting to make an impact. 

How then can these companies use the advancement of technology to their advantage and span the globe with minimal effort? Easy. By integrating email and online marketing into their campaigns and strategies and making the most of the up-and-coming trends for the following year. 


There is always something more we can do, a way to go the extra mile, or be one step ahead of the game. If this sounds like something you want as an entrepreneur wanting to make a name for himself in the world, or you simply want to boost an already established brand moving forward, 2023 is the year to make changes. 

The digital trend for 2023 when it comes to brand awareness and getting the message out there is by personalizing your marketing ads and promotions. When you have a team behind you specializing in SEO strategies and relevant content you can’t go wrong, and the more people you reach the better. 

Too often business owners think that you need to break the bank to get personalized content to their contacts, customers, and clients, but this is no longer true. Industry experts such as have quickly understood the need for efficient and effective marketing systems, but still keeping the practice of being cost-effective. Subscriptions and accounts cost money, but Mailrelay has all the benefits you need for success with their free account.

All the perks 

Enjoying perks is a humble reward for all the hard work you put in and the free account offered does just that. Not only do you get support and unlimited email sending daily, but you can send up to 80,000 emails per month to your 20,000 contacts database. What more could you ask for?

Making the most of technology will put you ahead of the game and reaching as many people as possible can successfully be your main objective. What you want is email blast software to get your brand and message across to the world, and in doing so you will experience a transformational adventure that will elevate your firm to the next level. 

Email Blast Software

As an extremely effective marketing strategy, email blasting is the way of the future, and statistics have shown that contacting clients this way leads to more than 17% more conversations than any other social media campaign. 

The main intention behind an email blast is to inspire action, and engage with and elicit a response from your customers while keeping them up-to-date with the latest news and products. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to know when to pull the trigger, and we have a few tips on which times of the day are most effective and why.

∙€€€€€€€€ 8’o clock – We are all guilty of grabbing our phones or tablets first thing in the morning, so why not let the first thing people see be your well-designed and conceptualized ad or message campaign? 

∙€€€€€€€€ Lunchtime – 1’ o clock is the perfect time to capture the masses and wow them with your products. Sitting at the table in the canteen is a quick way to hook potential customers, and reignite interest in existing clients while they are relaxed, eating lunch, and scrolling on their phones. 

∙€€€€€€€€ 4 ‘o clock – Late afternoon during the period lull as everyone watches the countdown on the office clock to home time, why not give them a surge of creativity with your promotion?

∙€€€€€€€€ Home time – 6’ o clock is peak commuter traffic time, trains are full, buses are crowded, and everyone has their head buried in their electronic device. 

Online Marketing 

Many people ask why to switch, or even integrate email marketing into an existing strategy if things are running smoothly, well, because the world is advancing and so should we. The online world is fast becoming the future and as aesthetically beautiful as it is to design and draw on big pads of paper with hundreds of pencils, digital is the way to go. 

Using online marketing platforms allows you a more direct and strategic approach to customers, and with this target demographic in sight you can amplify your products and message with quality content rather than quantity irrelevancy. 

It is much more cost-effective, the positives far outweigh the negatives, and you have an opportunity to make your mark on a now even playing field. Win-win. 

Take your company to the heights and recognition it deserves for all those years of perseverance and hard work you have put into making it a success.

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