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How do I convert a PDF into a photo? The convert pdf to jpg on the AbcdPDF aggregation page is a must-have conversion tool for users in 2022. It does not require login, registration and payment. It works extremely well and supports functions such as online conversion. The purpose of this article It is to help more users and professionals to understand such a PDF to JPG tool.

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Even image files without text information can be converted into editable Office files through OCR (character recognition) processing.

In addition, the AbcdPDF aggregation page can also convert PDF files into the following formats:





Convert with OCR

OCR is a function that converts image characters (such as those scanned from paper) into characters that can be processed on a computer. With this function, characters previously output as images can be output as editable characters.In addition, when performing OCR processing, it is also possible to convert and output after detailed settings such as resolution (dpi value), rotation and tilt angles, and Japanese/European fonts.

When converting using OCR, characters may not be recognized correctly depending on the quality of the original image.

The following images are recommended for proper character recognition :

Image in bitmap format

Images with less distortion and noise

High resolution images (300-400dpi recommended)


Step 1. Visit the AbcdPDF platform and enter the Convert pdf to jpg online tool page.

Step 2. Upload the local PDF and wait for the system to convert it.

Step 3. After waiting for the conversion to complete, click the “Download” button.

Step 4. Click Download again to save the “2022 Word Cup” file to the path specified locally.

In addition, now click the middle blue button to save the tool to the Google Chrome add-on bar for easy use at any time.



How do I convert a PDF into a photo? The above article shared with you the free online service convert pdf to jpg, which can efficiently convert PDF to JPG format images, and this high-quality conversion service can be installed in the Google plug-in column for permanent use.

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