Over/Under 3 Balls – Full Information Beginners Need to Know

3 under is a term that is not too unfamiliar to bettors. Basically, this bet is easy to play and has many chances to win if you know how to use it. Join New88 to explore the article right here to better understand this type of bet and the most effective way to play.

What is Over/Under 3 balls?

Over/Under 3 balls is also called by other players called Over/Under 3 balls Tie. Determining the win or loss of this type of bet will be entirely based on the total goals scored by the two teams. Most often this bet is used for the entire match. If at the end of the match both sides score a total of >3 goals, over wins, if <3 goals, under loses.

Instructions for new players on how to read 3-ball over/under odds

When betting on 3-ball over/under, the following situations will occur at the end of the match:

  • The result of the total goals of both teams (add up all balls scored in the net) > 3 => the player bets on the over to win, under to lose.
  • Total goals for both sides = 3 => considered a draw bet, the player who bets on either side will receive money.
  • If the result at the end of the match is a total of <3 goals, the player who bets on the under bet will receive a reward, the one who bets on the over will lose capital.

To make it easier to understand, let’s follow the example of a player betting 200k on the match between Melbourne City FC and Western Sydney Wanderers. After the match, specific situations will include the following cases.

  • Total goals > 3 goals: Members who bet on over will win with the amount = 200 x 1.71 = 342k bonus, if they bet on under, they will lose 200k.
  • Total goals = 3: All players, no matter which bet they bet on, will receive their entire bet back.
  • Total goals in the match < 3: In this situation, any member who bets on the under bet will receive a reward = 200 x 2.2 = 440k, the big bet will be 200k in capital.

Instructions on how to bet on 3-ball over/under at New88

New players can deposit money for this exciting bet at bookmaker New88 through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage and log in/register for a New88 member account.
  • Step 2: Deposit capital through supported methods at this playground.
  • Step 3: Go to the sports section, continue to select the lobby, here you will see the house odds table appear. Players also look for the over/under bet with symbol 3 and enter the amount according to their needs.
  • Step 4: Wait for the results from the match and receive rewards when winning the bet.

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Revealing the extremely accurate 3-ball over/under betting experience

If you are an experienced bettor, this type of bet should not be difficult for you. However, no matter what, the following tips are really effective if bettors apply them to the game:

Learn and understand clearlyNews from the teams

Information about football teams plays an important role in affecting the results of 3-ball over/under bets. Therefore, you should refer to all the data as well as the performance of both sides. Tactics, formation, playing time,… all affect the results.

Besides, the odds table given by the house also has a lot of useful information for players to exploit. Therefore, you should monitor and learn details before making a decision to invest your money.

Choose a reliable 3-ball Over/Under betting playground

Nowadays, it is not too difficult for bettors to choose a betting address for themselves. However, you should still be careful because many bookmakers scam users. Learn and join New88 with quality bets, reputable and fair payouts.

At a reasonable time

The reasonable betting time for the over/under 3-ball bet is at least 10 minutes after the match starts. At that time, you will grasp the situation of the game, thereby providing information in the most realistic way.

Control yourself to master the game

To be able to master the game and make money for the 3-ball over/under bet effectively, you need to control your emotions and capital. Thus all money is used for the right purpose and has a higher probability of winning.

The special thing is that whether you win or lose, you should only play at a certain time. Please balance everything so that your fun is always the most complete!

The article has introduced to players complete information about the 3-ball over/under bet and tips for making money extremely effectively. Hope you can update and apply it to your exciting game. Hurry and join now to earn huge profits when winning the bet!

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