OKVIP Spread Love With Many Charity Activities

With the spirit of volunteering and connecting with love in the past year OKVIP has carried out many charity programs, helping many difficult situations. Recognize and commend the platform’s positive contributions to society, let’s review meaningful activities in the following article!

WhyOKVIP Regularly carry out charity programs?

OKVIP is an online platform that cooperates with many major entertainment companies, bringing many benefits to society. Businesses always want to contribute good values ​​and actively spread love to difficult situations. This is the reason why this foundation regularly has volunteer trips.

With the criteria of “development and community engagement”, this business is successful and helps many disadvantaged families, villages, and provinces across the country. Contributes to showing the platform’s sense of responsibility to society as well as connecting members. At the same time, through charity programs, the image of the business is also enhanced and widely promoted. Members participating in the experience on the platform will also feel more proud and connected.

Connecting love from the foundation through volunteer trips

Summary of volunteer programs OKVIP has been and is being implemented

OKVIP Always ready to contribute positive values ​​to society, with the beloved slogan “Wherever you need help, we are there” has brought the business closer to the community. Below are volunteer programs that businesses have implemented in the past year and plans for the new year 2024:

Connect with love on the occasion of Tet Giap Thin 2024 OKVIP

On the occasion of Tet and spring,OKVIP has organized gift support for many people. In particular, there was one case, Ms. Chau, whose family was in difficulty and could not afford to return home to celebrate Tet, so they had to live in the city to make a living.

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After receiving the information, the business gave her a bus ticket and a small gift to help her return home to reunite with her family. Even though this is just a small action, it means a lot to Ms. Chau.

Fire at Phat Quang pagoda and meaningful contribution from the alliance

On the afternoon of the 20th, Phat Quang Pagoda in Thanh Phong, Ha Nam province caught fire, destroying many resources and damaging the health of many Buddhists. The restoration also costs a lot of money, making Buddhists worried. Alliance againOKVIP promptly came and shared the sadness with the monks, the foundation contributed to the cost of rebuilding the temple.

Although there are not many materials, the spirit of mutual support has helped the pagoda quickly repair, so that it can welcome Tet 2024. In addition, the alliance also calls on everyone to contribute so that the pagoda can have more construction and repair costs next year. , by posting the news to the top of the home page in the charity section.

Support costs to help Phat Quang pagoda repair

Support Central region during flood season

The year 2022-2023 is a period of record natural disasters and floods in the Central region, most of people’s accumulated assets are swept away by the water, and the economy goes down. Causing many families to lose everything when the flood passed, this made people feel sad. When understanding the source of information and businesses OKVIP quickly mobilized forces to carry out both material and spiritual relief.

Thousands of tons of rice, salt, and basic necessities have been delivered to isolated flood areas and delivered directly to the people. At the same time as providing economic support after the flood for many families who suffered great losses, the coalition’s volunteer activities have contributed to alleviating the pain of people after the natural disaster. The community also relies on the organization’s spirit of “good leaves protect torn leaves” and continues to promote relief efforts.

OKVIP Sending love and the extremely touching story of filial Ca

On online platforms recently, there was a story about a boy ordering online but not receiving it because he didn’t have enough money. Specifically, my name is Ca. Every day, in addition to studying, I followed my mother to collect scraps and bottles to make a living. I tried to save 90,000 VND to buy my mother a gift. However, when the shipper delivered the goods, I did not have enough money. When the shop called to ask questions, he cried and apologized without meaning to ask. This is a very good and kind boy.

After the shop owner spread the above clip, it received a lot of attention from the online community, including the alliance OKVIP I was also deeply touched by your kindness. The business supported her with part of the funding to help her family have more conditions for Ca to study as well as fulfill her wish of giving a gift to her mother.

The story of the filial little boy is extremely touching

Many other charitable activities

Businesses connect nationwide, so news sources from difficult situations or social problems are updated and supported quickly. Let’s take a look at some other volunteer activities that were carried out earlier this year:

  • The program brings light to remote villages.
  • Donating warm winter clothes to children in all provinces and cities.
  • Giving bus tickets and Tet gifts to many families in particularly difficult circumstances.
  • Organize 0VND meals for the poor, sell lottery tickets, and students.
  • Supporting expenses for patients with serious illnesses.
  • Implementing a tree planting project “nurturing life” in Gia Lai.

Other philanthropic activities come from the foundation

League OKVIP is a solid fulcrum for the community, thanks to the generous help and support that partly alleviates difficulties, pain and loss in society. Hopefully the business will grow more and more, to connect and continue to spread love to the community!

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