Most trainers will give you a free session

All you have to do is ask. Trainers make their money by training clients. By approaching a trainer and asking for a workout, you are expressing that you are interested in working with that person and that you are a potential client. Most will welcome the opportunity to sell you what they’re peddling. Take the trainer for a test drive. Sign up with their personal training online software. Give him or her a chance to wow you.

If you like that person, you can buy a package. If not, move on to another trainer. Trainers are expensive. You can literally do a free session with every trainer in the gym if you want. Just because you don’t have a free session from the gym doesn’t mean you can’t ask for one. Most gyms couldn’t care less about letting a trainer do a free session. In fact, they often encourage it. It costs them nothing and holds the potential for the club to make money when the trainer converts you into a paying client.

The Salesperson Will Often Try to Sell You Things That Won’t Make You Any Fitter

What is the number one thing most people look for in a gym? Is it the latest equipment? Cutting-edge classes? A cheap monthly rate? Nope. equipment? Cutting-edge classes? A cheap monthly rate? Nope. You know what ranks ridiculously high on the list of what people look for in a gym? Cleanliness. That’s right. Clean equipment. Clean locker rooms.

Nothing to do with what is going to really get you in shape. So the gym owners know and exploit this fact. That’s why when you get your introductory tour of the gym the salespeople don’t spend too much time on the finer points of the exercise equipment. They show you the sparkling clean showers. The pristine changing room. They’ll even make a point of taking you through the group exercise studio as the cleaning crew is mopping the floor. They will sell you on everything but what will help you get in shape.

The Goal of the Free Orientation Is to Scare You

Don’t be misled about what the free orientation you receive with your membership is for. It’s not to get you acclimated to what the gym has to offer. It is not to teach you how to use the equipment. In fact, it’s most often completely the opposite. You have already signed up. The gym has your money, for at least a year in most cases. You are now theirs. Yet it wants more. Much more

Personal Trainers Are Promoted on the Basis of Sales, Not Certifications

I know, I know, That’s not what the literature at your gym says. There are all sorts of tiers different tiers for different trainers, supposedly based on education, experience, and a number of certifications. The trainers who possess the most of all three criteria are supposed to be the “highest-level” trainer and therefore the most expensive. Not at all.

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If Your Trainer Looks as if He’s on Steroids, He Probably Is

I’ve worked with many, many trainers who were taking steroids or who had taken them in the past. They were big, too big. Unnaturally large. A little too taken them in the past. They were big, too big. Unnaturally large. A little too perfect. As your mother told you, if it looks too good to be true, it most often is. Don’t be fooled. It never ceases to amaze me how few “real” people can tell when someone is on steroids.

If Your Gym Offers Overnight Locker Rentals, Rent a Locker

I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. It can make the difference between your using the gym once every two weeks or five times per week. Many gyms have both daily-use lockers that you can use for free and overnight lockers that you can rent by the month or year. Though it might seem like a frivolous expense, it is not. If you can afford to rent a locker, even if it seems a little expensive, do it. Doing so will increase the number of times you work out exponentially. You can stock it with everything you need: clothes, sneakers, deodorant, hairbrush, toothbrush, even postworkout bars and drinks. Whether you go to the gym or not depends on its convenience.

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