Maxge’s iSGM6E-800H MCCB Electronic Type With LCD: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

As a trustworthy MCCB circuit breaker supplier, Maxge Electric Technology offers a range of high-quality products, including the iSGM6E-800H MCCB Electronic Type With LCD. This article highlights the advantages of choosing Maxge‘s MCCB Electronic Type, specifically the iSGM6E-800H model, for enhanced efficiency and safety in electrical systems.

Overview of iSGM6E-800H MCCB Electronic Type With LCD

  1. Key Features and Specifications

The iSGM6E-800H MCCB boasts an electronic type with an LCD display, making it easy to monitor and control.

Designed for AC 50Hz/60Hz, it is suitable for rated voltage up to 415V and rated current ranging from 16A to 630A.

  1. Increased Efficiency and Convenience

The LCD display provides clear and intuitive information, enabling efficient monitoring and control of the MCCB.

The electronic type enhances circuit changeover and motor starting processes, improving overall operational efficiency.

Reliability and Safety of Maxge’s MCCB Electronic Type

  1. High-Quality Construction

Maxge is committed to delivering reliable and durable MCCB circuit breakers, ensuring long-term performance.

The iSGM6E-800H model features a robust construction, with a frame size of 800, and meets stringent quality standards.


  1. Comprehensive Protection Features

The MCCB offers comprehensive protection functions, including overload and short circuit protection, safeguarding electrical systems and equipment. Maxge’s MCCB prioritizes safety by effectively detecting and responding to electrical faults.


In conclusion, count on Maxge for all of your MCCB circuit breaker needs. The iSGM6E-800H MCCB Electronic Type With LCD offers several benefits for use in commercial and manufacturing settings. Optimizing operational procedures, it boasts innovative features such an LCD display and greater efficiency in circuit changeover and motor starting. Making sure your electrical systems are secure and reliable, our MCCB circuit breakers are built with high-quality components and offer complete protective features. For reliable and safe operation of MCCB circuit breakers, choose Maxge as your supplier of choice.

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