Know How To Find Flattering Styles Of Gowns For Every Body Type

The silhouettes of gowns have been inspired by garments worn by women in 17th-century Europe, which featured multiple layers and fitted corset bodices. From then to now, long dresses have evolved to include several styles, fits, cuts, and fabrics – leading to variations such as mermaid and peplum. These different types of gowns are designed to create flattering silhouettes for the different body types.

While some gown designs help accentuate the curves, others take away focus from certain areas to balance proportions. If you are on the hunt for a gown, consider beginning the process by identifying your body type and which style will suit it the best. Shp gowns, While we all have unique bodies and you can pick whichever cut and fit you prefer, understanding the silhouettes will help you highlight your best features.

Let’s begin by understanding the broad categorization of body types:

  1. Round: Also known as the apple shape, the round body shape can be distinguished by broad shoulders, an undefined waistline, and curves around the hips. Opt for gowns with a flared skirt and a cropped hemline to define the shape.
  2. Triangle: The pear or triangle body shape features narrow shoulders and a waistline larger than the bust and fuller hips. Shop Gowns with statement necklines such as cowl, off-the-shoulder, or dramatic bell sleeves will be the best choice.
  3. Inverted Triangle: As the name suggests, the inverted triangle body shape has distinctions such as broad shoulders and bust, defined waist, and narrow hips. Peplum or mermaid-style gowns are best suited for this type.
  4. Hourglass: Narrow shoulders, fuller bust, defined waistline, and fuller hips define the hourglass body shape. While the bodycon style suits the best, most designs tend to flatter this style.
  5. Rectangle: Equally distributed weight from the shoulders to the hips creates the rectangle shape, which lends an athletic look to the body. Opt for designs that bring focus to the shoulders and arms such as halter neck or strapless styles.
  6. Mixed: All bodies are unique and you may find that you don’t fit any of the above definitions or have a mix of the different features. In such a case, focus on accentuating the features you love the most as no one can understand your body better than yourself.

Types Of Gowns:

  1. Ball Gown: The classic gown style, ball gowns suit most body types as they conceal most of your lower body. If you have broad shoulders, opt for shoulder straps to balance proportions.
  2. Empire Waist Or A-Line: People with the apple, pear, or rectangle body type can opt for the empire waist style as it is fitted at the bust and tapers to the knee or ankles.
  3. Straight: Gowns that have a straight cut are optimal for the apple and pear body types as the fabrics fall evenly. People with mixed body types can also opt for straight gowns and add shape in different areas with belts or corsets.
  4. Mermaid: Fitted from the top to the hips, mermaid-style gowns have a dramatic trail that adds volume at the bottom and is ideal for balancing proportions if you have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Asymmetrical: From high-low hemlines to asymmetrical sleeves, this style helps elongate the frame and add a slimming effect by creating a visual break.
  5. Bodycon: Best suited to the hourglass body type, bodycon gowns will fit snugly against the body and flatter the curves. People with narrow shoulders can style them with jackets and scarves to balance proportions.
  6. Anti-Fit / Oversized: The baggy and oversized style helps you look polished in loose clothes while being comfortable. While it suits most body types, it is especially helpful to those who want to add volume overall.
  7. Peplum: The pleated fabric attached to the waistline helps peplum gowns add shape for the rectangle or straight body types. It also takes away focus from the fuller hips if you have a pear or apple body type.


Finding the most flattering gown is all about understanding your body type and how to create a balanced silhouette. Shop gons Along with the design, you must also focus on the fabric and embellishments for a cohesive look. For a slimming effect, opt for smaller prints, lightweight fabrics, and minimal embellishments. If you have shorter legs, opt for gowns that end at the ankle to avoid drowning in fabric and elongating the frame. Add volume with jackets, and scarves, and opt for layered fabrics and bulky 3-D embellishments. Try on the gown before you finalise along with the undergarments to ensure there are no visible lines. You may also want to do the trials with the footwear you plan to wear as it will help you stay comfortable and avoid any last-minute hiccups. Last but not least, it is all about carrying the gown with confidence. Stand tall and hold a straight posture to stand out

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