Key Points to Consider Before Moving to Greater Noida

Key Points to Consider Before Moving to Greater Noida

Many improvements have been made in the Greater Noida area of Delhi NCR in the last few years. Greater Noida is a planned city, unlike other parts of India that have grown over time. This city was designed strategically in such a way so that it can offer all the facilities to the one living in it, and that is precisely what it’s doing. This is a big reason why today you will see many big high-rise apartments being built in this area, and many international companies have opened their branch here. This improvement has further resulted in huge demand for flats for rent in Greater Noida.

Greater Noda is great for both residential areas and commercial areas. So, moving to this part of India won’t be a decision you will regret later on. Here are some other reasons that further support the fact that Greater Noida is indeed a good city for those who want to upgrade their living and seek better career opportunities.

  • Airport accessibility – Transportation is one of the key indicators of a developed place and Greater Noida just has that. The Jewar International Airport stands at the top of the list of one of the largest airports in India. This airport will make international transportation very easy for the ones living in this area and will help in the development of this already developing city. Even after, this kind of accessibility, the price of rental properties in Greater Noida is still less, so this is a great time to shift to this place.
  • Great job opportunities – Most people who choose to move to this area, actually make this choice due to the huge opportunities that it can offer for one’s career growth. There are many IT sectors and MNCs that have opened their branch in this part of the country. And one thing that has somewhat influenced it is that on one side it has the Yamuna Expressway and on the other one is Knowledge Park.
  • Excellent connectivity – One of the major reasons behind the growth of Greater Noida is its smooth connectivity from the major parts of the area. Some of the major locations that can be easily accessed from here are the Taj Mahal, Noida City Centre, Jewar International Airport, Amity University, Mahamaya Flyover, all nearby metro stations, Ghaziabad Daily Station, Buddha International F1 circuit, and many more.
  • Lush green landscapes – One thing that you will find in Greater Noida is lush green landscapes. Most of the apartments here have big parks within the property and sports facilities for the residences of those properties. This is a big reason why you will often see most people who are moving to this area are families with small children and elderly people. The surrounding of this place is extremely healthy and beneficial for them.
  • Planned Infrastructure – As we have already discussed, Greater Noida is a fully planned city. The way this city is designed and built makes one thing certain, people who will be living here will be living in here will not feel the need to go out of the city to fulfil any of their needs. From big shopping malls to commercial places, and from top educational institutes like Amity University, Ramagaya, DPS Noida, and Khaitan Public School to big hospitals and nursing homes, everything will be a part of this city. This further proves the fact that the ones living here will not feel the need to go out of this city for anything.
  • Cost of living – Cost of living is one of the main things that one should consider before moving to a city. If we talk about India, there are many cities whose cost of living is not that high which makes them a good option for many people. Whereas there are many other cities whose cost of living is high, thus they are not quite affordable for everyone coming from all the levels of economy. Well, the good thing is the cost of living in Greater Noida is lesser than in other cities, but that may not be the same for too long as the city is constantly developing and is guaranteed to meet great heights of development.

Final Takeaway

If you are thinking of shifting to a city that will have it all, then you might think of giving a thought about Greater Noida. This city is still developing, with many upcoming projects and facilities. But individuals are not waiting for the completion of all the projects and are already renting flats in this city and starting their lives there. If you have the same plans, then check out to find out the available options for rented properties.

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