Kalyan Starline Satta Matka: How to Choose Your Betting Strategy


Kalyan starline is one of the best and most played satta matka by online gamers because this game offers a huge advantage that we are going to show you in the paragraph ahead. With a capability to make you rich this game requires a minimum investment of 10 Rs and a basic knowledge of the game. This game comes under the starline bazaar. There are only three games available in this bazaar and Kalyan Starline is one of them. In addition, it can be found on many different online platforms such as Bettilt

How to play kalyan Starline?

Playing kalyan starline is very easy. The rules of this game are the same as any other satta matka games. If a player wants to win he/she must choose a pair of three numbers ranging from 0 to 9. All the three numbers should be different and not repeat the same number again and again. The results will be shown at the end of the game on the same site. This game is not like a regular bazaar game. In regular bazaars players can bet two times on a particular game but in kalyan starline players can bet 12 times in a day. Yes, you read it right 12 times a day. This is the biggest advantage of playing this game and that’s why thousands of players love to play this game. Here a player gets 12 chances to correct himself. If you do not win in the first game no problem there are still 11 chances remaining to win and recover that money.

Time To play this game

The opening and closing time of this game is 11:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Now at first the player can bet at 11:00 AM then second at 12:00 PM then third at 1:00 PM and just like at 10:00 PM. When you count it, the total is 12, which means a player can bet in this game 12 times but it doesn’t mean you have to bet 12 times. Choose the time that perfectly suits your free time then bet accordingly.

Top Betting Strategy

Choose the time

It is said that you can bet 12 times but that doesn’t mean you have to play 12 times. This game runs all day long and you have 12 options to choose in which you want to play. Choose the timeframe that best suits you and continue with it. If you play this game 12 times then you are not able to focus on the one properly. So in order to win more, choose the time you love to spend your free time.

Choose the minimum bet

The minimum bet required to enter in this game is 10 Rs. Yes you read it right, only 10 Rs. And this minimum amount is best in order to learn the game by playing it. No matter how much money you have if you’re a beginner then it is best to go with the minimum amount. By investing a minimum amount you start learning the basics of the dpboss matka and it allows you to gain the knowledge of the game also.

Use past result

Past results are the best way to choose your numbers in an accurate manner. All the past results have the capability to make you rich because this result can show you the future results. This results follows a specific pattern and they repeat themselves in the future. Now the problem is which pattern will follow this trend is hard to identify. Only the experts in the field can identify it. If you are not an expert then best to identify it is by playing games on a regular basis. If you want you can access this past result on our website. Just search for the term kalyan starline jodi chart and kalyan starline panel chart. It will show you the results that are drawn in the past. All the results are accurate and are available for everyone.

Use matka guessing Forum

By using your brain and tactics you somehow chose a number but you are still confused about it because you think it can be wrong so for the people like those matka guessing forums can be a big help. In this forum the expert matka players choose the numbers that have high chances of getting selected in the upcoming result and display it for the players as a help.

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