Journey of ForwardX: Discovery and Innovation

ForwardX keenly discovered that the warehouse logistics industry has complex scenarios, a low automation rate, and easy-to-form scale replication capability. Therefore, ForwardX chose this area to study deeply and research intensively. Their AMR meets the market demand and is a quality component of automation solutions.

Chase for the best solution

At that time, the warehouse automation solutions in the market still relied mainly on AGVs, which required pre-set facilities such as magnetic strips or QR codes, and needed to be adapted to the warehouse, which is a time-consuming process.

ForwardX did not compromise on AGVs but aimed at the higher-tech AMR field from the beginning. ForwardX also insisted that single-line LiDAR alone was not smart and flexible enough and that only AMRs with computer vision and AI cognitive capabilities could become the backbone of future automation in the warehousing industry. ForwardX’s foresight is a testament to its technical prowess.

Smarter AMR powered by ForwardX

After a long period of in-depth research and development, the fourth generation of vision + laser AMR with several independent intellectual property rights has emerged. It is understood that these AMRs can perform semantic segmentation, distance estimation, object classification, pedestrian recognition, motion prediction, posture recognition, and V-SLAM calculation on visual information, thus realizing comprehensive perception and awareness of the surrounding environment, 360-degree coverage of low space, and complete planning and movement according to the task itself.

The ability to innovate and be forward-looking are important factors in whether or not a company will endure. ForwardX is the benchmark in both of these areas. Visit ForwardX’s official website to get detailed information about their advanced products.

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