How to work with tagged PDF files?

How to work with tagged PDF files? Tagged PDFs are PDFs with tags that specify the document structure , which can be difficult for users who want to deal with tagged PDF files with many tags. Don’t worry, this article introduces you to 3 online tools including convert pdf to word, pdf to excel, and online pdf editor.

What is a tagged PDF?

Tagged PDF is optional, not required. The vast majority of PDFs created and distributed today are not tagged PDFs. The reason for this is that if the PDF is only visually readable, there is no need for tags specifying the document structure in the PDF, as described below.

PDF is generally printed by the result of editing a document using office software etc. PDF is a digital representation of printed matter. In printed materials, chapters and sections are separated by new headings, page breaks, and section breaks, headings are separated by character size and line spacing, and paragraphs are separated by margins at the beginning and end of each line to indicate document structure. When people understand a document, they implicitly utilize this visual information.

There are many software and multi-functional tools on the market that deal with PDF editing and conversion problems. Most of these tools are more satisfactory in online editing, merging, splitting and other functions, which is a good thing for the majority of users. But for professionals, their requirements will be higher, especially when dealing with PDF to Word, tools need to bring higher accuracy. However, most of the tools on the market cannot even achieve an accuracy rate of more than 70%.

Use the AbcdPDF platform tools to process tagged PDFs:

In order to process tagged PDF files, some professional PDF teams have developed a series of online editors and conversion tools. The AbcdPDF team is committed to providing a full range of online PDF tools. Even for marked PDF files, the accuracy rate is far higher than that of most paid software on the market.

AbcdPDF platform online service tool link:

tool name Function Is it free
convert pdf to word Format conversion, PDF to Word, the converted Word can be edited freely. Yes
pdf to excel Format conversion, PDF to Excel, the converted Excel can be edited freely. Yes
online pdf editor PDF online editor, full-featured, edit, delete, annotate, sign, watermark, backlight, etc. Yes

The reason why this product does not have the problems of some other conversion tools is because it adopts the most favorable marking algorithm for conversion. The algorithm server will mark all objects and divide them into different partitions, but after the processing is completed, the sorting of the code blocks is compared and then integrated. these parts.

PDF to Word, PDF to Excel lock tags:

1 Pages
2 Contents
3 Resources
4 Pages
5 Contents
6 Resources
7 Pages
8 Contents
9 Resources
10 Pages
11 Image
12 Font
13 Fot
14 Info
15 Catalog


This article introduces you to tagged PDF files and the advantages of converting pdf to word, pdf to excel, and online pdf editor, three online tools when processing files. It is worth mentioning that when it comes to PDF conversion, there is no such thing as the best one, it depends on what works for you. However, in terms of conversion accuracy alone, the AbcdPDF platform is a must-have tool for professionals.

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