How to Make Your Home Improve Your Mental Health

If you struggle with poor mental health or you are simply looking for ways to maintain your generally good mental health, there are many subtle ways that you can try to boost it, including ensuring that your home is a positive place to be. Your home can have a huge impact on your mental well-being. Here are some of the top ways that your home can improve your mental health in 2023.

1.    Use Furniture Stencils

Your home should be somewhere where you can express yourself and your style and should not be a place that you feel distanced from. To ensure that your home constantly reflects you and your personality, you should consider using furniture stencils to spruce up furniture that does not feel very ‘you’ anymore. These furniture stencils can breathe life into your old furniture and can ensure that it does not look boring or clinical anymore. If you want to take this even further, you might also decide to use custom stencils from This can ensure that you can get stencils in any design that you want and that your home can look exactly how you want it to.

2.    Let in the Light

If your home is dingy and dark, even during the peak of the day, this could affect your mental well-being. Not only could it lower your mood, but it could also affect your body clock and mess up your sleep patterns, which could contribute to poor mental well-being. If your mood starts to darken whenever you enter your home, you should consider letting in the light. For instance, you might put more lamps around your home, cut back bushes and shrubs that are blocking the windows, and install lighter blinds at your windows. You might also invest in mood lighting that you can adjust accordingly or mirrors that can reflect light around your home.

3.    Create Space

Many people feel down when they are at home because their home is cramped and full of so much stuff that it is hard to move around within it. To improve your mental health, you should try to make your home more spacious by being minimalist with your furniture and only investing in furniture that is practical. You can also create space by investing in storage solutions for magazines, newspapers, and books, and by throwing out any ornaments which do not bring you joy and which are cluttering your home and your mind. You may also change the layout of your room so that you can get around it easier without tripping over chair legs and stray bits of furniture.

4.    Use Bright Colors

You should also introduce a little bit of color psychology in your home and use bright colors for your walls and furniture. For instance, colors like bright yellow can make you feel happy and are associated with positive memories. This can make sure that it always feels like summer in your house and mind.

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