How to choose plumbing pipe fittings

Each hydraulic system is made up of different hydraulic components: these are elements that, put together with each other, create connections that allow the transport of water. These accessories are flanges, pipes, and fittings, with different functions: they are distinguished not only according to the uses for which they are intended but also according to the materials they are made of and their dimensions. The fittings for hydraulic pipes to be welded, in particular, includes the members to be welded according to ANSI-API standards and the members to be welded according to ISO-DIN standards, which in turn include the black steel stubs with threaded ends, the seamless TIs, the convex bottoms, the seamless coupling, seamless concentric reductions, black sleeves, and seamless 3D-5D template curves. Here you can find wholesale black iron pipe and fittings.

Where to find non-threaded galvanized pipe fittings

Among the companies that provide accessories for the plumbing and heating sector. Whether you are looking for a  black iron pipe and fittings, a gasket, or any other type of product, you can contact the Alibaba company with the certainty of having your requests met quickly. In fact, it deals with the tailor-made production of pieces and materials for hydraulics, thermal -hydraulics  and automotive, ensuring customers significantly reduced times between the production phase and the time of delivery. All this is possible thanks to a flexible approach.

The brass plumbing fittings

The hydraulic fittings for water made  of brass  have the ability to resist oxidation without problems, even more so in environments that are characterized by a high level of humidity. They have a certain malleability and allow you to join pipes with identical diameters. For example, you can find  linear fittings and couplings , but also elbows that allow you to change the direction of the pipes, reducers of different types or T-fittings that allow you to insert three pipes.

The materials of the plumbing fittings

The brass fittings can be used for heating or in the sanitary sector; then there are those made  of PVC , which instead are used both for water systems and for waste systems. Furthermore, the  galvanized steel fittings  with thread, the hydraulic members in stainless steel and the polyethylene fittings with welded connection should not be forgotten.

What are the hydraulic fittings accessories for?

As mentioned, each accessory has a specific function, which it is essential to know before proceeding with a purchase. The  caps , for example, are necessary to close the ends of the pipes, while thanks to the reducers it is possible to connect two pipes of different diameters. The connection of three pipes is allowed by the  technical T-member , and the elbows are meant to change direction. Finally, the sleeves, which connect two pipes in a linear position, should be mentioned. The choice of quality materials certified at European level is essential for those who want to be sure they are dealing with resistant elements: this is the case, for example, of cast iron.

Cast iron pipes

Cast iron is used for the   production of pipes and fittings both because it is quite resistant to wear and because it has relatively low costs. It is a material that comes from the iron and carbon alloy, which is used to produce hydraulic members, or in any case  articulated members  in general. Fragile yet durable, cast iron is an excellent material to cast.

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