How a Handheld Device is Changing The Way Doctors Manage Healthcare

Many of us are familiar with the smart terminal device that helps us locate certain items in a grocery store. But did you know that it’s being used by doctors to help manage healthcare? A new kind of medical mobile data terminal device has hit the market, specifically designed for hospitals and clinics. It is a medical handheld PDA device that can be placed at the bedside or on the patient’s wrist, which allows medical staff to quickly scan information on patients or other items. It also offers them access to important information via an integrated display. See how this emerging technology could change how hospitals function!

The medical handheld PDA is a small and portable device including a display and scanning camera which makes it easy for the doctor to enter information into the device. This information can then be sent to other doctors or healthcare providers for review. The handheld device also allows the doctor to take pictures and videos of patients.

Recommendation on medical handheld PDA

i6310H medical mobile data terminal produced by UROVO is tailored for medical staff, lightweight design, and is controllable with one hand so that medical staff may travel between wards and nurse stations more easily. An international professional scanning engine with millisecond scanning speed and high accuracy is used to help medical staff more efficiently acquire various barcode data of patients and drugs.

What you can expect from UROVO?

Founded in 2006, UROVO is dedicated to offering mobile applications. At present, it has more than 1200 employees and more than 10 subsidiaries with businesses covering more than 100 countries and regions. The company focuses on the design, research, development, production, and sales of smart data terminals, smart payment terminals, and special printers. It is one of the earliest enterprises in China that focuses on the R&D of industry mobile application products. UROVO provides digital solutions based on smart terminals for customers in logistics, retail, finance, medical care, manufacturing, government, transportation, and other industries.


Smart healthcare devices are revolutionizing the way doctors manage healthcare. This technology makes it easier for doctors to access information, communicate with patients, and make diagnoses. In addition, smart medical handheld PDAs are making it easier for patients to keep track of their medical records and stay informed about their health.

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