Guide For Casino Operators - Different Bitcoin Casino Types And How It Works

Guide For Casino Operators – Different Bitcoin Casino Types And How It Works

Bitcoin casino is an online gambling site accepting Bitcoin or other crypto coins as a payment option. Bitcoin got introduced in 2009 but started to get popular in 2013. The online casinos that have been around before Bitcoin was launched have started accepting BTC. Many online crypto gambling sites are completely immersed in blockchain technology offering probably fair game, which offers transparency to results.

How does Bitcoin casino work?

Bitcoin casino operate on a software platform, which is a digitalized casino version resembling physical gambling facilities. It contains games, security, a cashier, and service staff. The gaming software developers integrate cryptocurrency as a payment mode allowing players to deposit & withdraw crypto coins.

Online casino operators new or old can choose from different types of Bitcoin casino. Operators can have the digital casinos customized to suit their brand and the kind of betting offered. Games played with cryptocurrencies depend on the online casino platform the operator chooses. Clovr is a Bitcoin review site, where operators can get to see the kind of casino sites players are attracted to.

Bitcoin casino types

White label BTC casino

Operators can give a kick-start to their online gambling platform conveniently choosing this type. White-label platforms have everything integrated. The software provider has a valid gaming license and dedicated customer support who can deal with various concerns. The white label platform even handles license acquirement from the operator’s jurisdiction.

The operator has to pay revenue share in the exchange for all the convenience. It is generally 40% but the plus point is operators receive a ready-to-use BTC casino and they just need to concentrate on branding and promotion. The downside is white-label casinos hardly offer unique games and there is no customization option.

Turnkey BTC casino

Turnkey BTC casinos have UI, some games, and a security setup. With a turnkey BTC platform, the operators gain more control over the website’s back office tools and management. They can adjust security factors, KYC process tools, or guest monitoring processes. A support team can be hired to handle customer issues associated with their BTC casino.

A gaming license is not available with the package, so before launching the Turnkey BTC casino extra work is needed. The software developer can help operators get a jurisdiction license. There is no cryptocurrency payment mode, so the operator will need to find a cryptocurrency integration solution. The game variety is better because operators have complete control of the software. Third-party software can be easily added to the platform.

Self-service BTC casino

It is the most flexible solution including a space filled with building blocks needed to build a casino. The casino can be shaped as per the operator’s preferences and goals. The operator will need to use API protocols for creating the online gambling platform. An API expert will help the operator in creating the online BTC casino but the final say about the design and front-end will be in the control of the operator.

Building from scratch has its downsides like monitoring the web design creation, securing gaming license, testing every game performance, setting cryptocurrency payment mode, and more. Modern crypto gambling platforms even assign the players an exclusive wallet.

Provably fair games have made BTC casinos worth playing!

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