Gifting 101: Great Secret Santa Questions to Ask

Can you believe that around 62% of people lie about liking gifts that they’ve received?

Shopping for loved ones can already feel hard enough, but participating in a Secret Santa where you may not know your recipient as well can cause lots of stress. What is Secret Santa good for if nobody appreciates the gifts they get?

The reassuring news is that there are plenty of Secret Santa questions that you can ask to ensure that you buy a thoughtful gift. Read on for the complete guide so you’ll be able to shop with confidence this holiday season.

What Are Your Favorite Hobbies?

The best Secret Santa gifts are the ones that allow your recipient to have a nice time. If they love listening to music, then you could surprise them with a really nice pair of headphones or a gorgeous record for their record player. If they’re a sports fan, then you could shop for memorabilia that helps them feel connected to their favorite team.

What Foods Do You Enjoy Most?

When it comes to gift ideas, you can never go wrong with spoiling someone with their favorite foods. From snack baskets to restaurant gift cards and even a subscription box, the options are endless. You could even ask about their top drinks as well and take that approach.

How Do You Like to Unwind After a Long Day?

Another one of the smartest Secret Santa ideas is to get gifts that can help someone alleviate stress. Once you learn more about their preferred ways to unwind, you can find brilliant gifts. You should visit this url to start exploring beautiful aromatherapy gift sets.

Do You Have Any Pets?

Lots of people who own pets are proud parents who love talking about their companions. If this is the case for your recipient, then you can put a big smile on their face by giving them a present that’s related to their pet.

What’s Something That Always Makes You Nostalgic?

We can all benefit from a dose of nostalgia every now and then. Ask your recipient or people who know them better about what makes them most nostalgic. You could buy old video games, t-shirts, or other goods that would make them feel young at heart.

What Things Do You Dislike Most?

Sometimes it’s helpful to create a baseline of things that you shouldn’t buy your recipient. This will help save you from getting a gift that would annoy or upset them on accident.

These Secret Santa Questions Will Make Shopping Easier

It’s always wise to ask Secret Santa questions slyly so you can get more information about your recipient. If you get answers to the questions in this gift guide, then you’ll be able to amaze your recipient this holiday season.

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