Future Fund History Hi88 – Joining hands for the community

Future fund history Hi88 along with the volunteer activities that the organization has carried out since its establishment. We will share all that information in the article below, we invite readers to follow along.

History of the future fund Hi88

Future FundHi88 is a charity fund run by the Multimedia and Entertainment Group Hi88 create. Officially established on January 20, 2019, the fund has quickly implemented many meaningful activities, joining hands for the community. And below is the history of formation and development of the Future Fund with many practical activities:

Giving gifts to ethnic people in August 2019

Future Fund’s journey to join hands for the community Hi88 starting with gift giving activities to ethnic people in remote areas. Especially giving gifts to children in mountainous areas on the occasion of the opening of the new school year 2019-2020.

Free meals distributed at the hospital in December 2022

The Foundation’s development history continues to make its mark with the establishment of the Meal of Love group. The group of dynamic and enthusiastic young people will distribute free meals every day at hospitals nationwide.

January 2023 will carry out the first food distribution

Less than a month after its founding, the Love Meal group ofHi88 has officially come into operation. The first free food distribution was carried out with the anticipation and joy of everyone.

April 2023 giving gifts to disadvantaged families in Son La

The next historic milestone on the Future Foundation’s volunteer journeyHi88 that we must mention is that on April 23, 2023, the fund’s working group traveled more than 200km to Son La, giving gifts to students and disadvantaged households. This is an activity within the program “Joining hands with people to share love” launched by the group.

September 2023 – Join hands to support accident cases

Volunteer activities ofHi88 continues to be extended by supporting 80 million VND for 4 families of victims buried in a coal mine collapse in Quang Ninh. At the same time, giving gifts to students during the Mid-Autumn Festival season, and visiting the victims of the fire that occurred at a mini apartment building in Khuong Ha.

October 2023 – Giving gifts to disadvantaged families

Historical journey of the Future FundHi88 is still continued by activities to support families in difficult circumstances. Spread love with the journey “Warmth in less fortunate hearts”.

December 2023 – Gratitude to heroes, wounded soldiers and martyrs

December 6, Future FundHi88 visited and gave gifts to veterans and families of war invalids and martyrs. This is an activity to show gratitude and respect for national heroes.
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January 2024 – Bring joy to children in highland areas

Memorable historical milestones of the Future FundHi88 is still being continued with gift giving activities to highland children in January 2024.

February 2024 – Volunteer at Nguyen Khong Nunnery

In February 2024, the Fund continued to have a volunteer trip to Nguyen Khong Nunnery, giving gifts to the nuns and children here.

Mission of the Future Foundation Hi88

Not only focusing on online entertainment products,Hi88 always want to contribute a part of effort to the common development of the community. That’s why the Future FundHi88 was established with the mission of spreading love. Volunteer programs will be continuously deployed to help disadvantaged people in society.

It can be seen that the development history of the Future FundHi88 has been and will continue to be extended by practical activities. Please follow us so that love can spread to all parts of the country.

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