ForwardX: Automation Contributes to the Improvement of Warehousing Efficiency

In a warehouse of nearly 10,000 square feet, hundreds of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) move quickly, carrying many loads. Although the number of robots on site is large, they are orderly, each with a clear goal, moving along a set route and without collision. Such scenarios are constantly played out in the smart warehouse with ForwardX solutions. As a head player in the intelligent robot track, ForwardX provides a full range of logistics robot products and full-scene automated picking solutions, helping improve warehouse logistics efficiency.

ForwardX puts the customer experience first

The layout of the full product line is supported by ForwardX’s unique technology platform of robots, systems, and algorithms, which not only improves R&D efficiency and reduces R&D costs through technical synergy but also enables mixed scheduling and collaborative management of different types of robots in a single scenario, providing customers with comprehensive and efficient integrated solutions, while also giving ForwardX more opportunities for future development in the field of robotics. It also brings more imagination to ForwardX’s future development in robotics.

AMR’s rapid development: ForwardX strives to improve the technology content

According to Interact Analysis, the global AMR market is forecast to grow at 69% from 2020-2025. In ForwardX’s view, the global AMR industry is experiencing an important strategic opportunity. The epidemic’s impact, the rapidly changing business situation, and the emergence of new business models have all stimulated the demand for intelligent logistics.

More and more companies are seeking, through logistics robot system solutions, to achieve logistics automation and intelligent upgrade, to improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics labor costs, and accelerate the intellectual development of various industries.


ForwardX has created a wide range of logistics robot products starting from the logistics scenario, hoping to help global enterprises efficiently realize smart logistics upgrades.

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