Feel the wrath of the vikings with Viking Fury slot game at 918kiss

There is presently a surge of interest in Vikings and the mythology surrounding the Nordic countries within the slot game community in Malaysia, not to mention the fact that television shows such as Vikings are helping to stoke the fires of curiosity. However, despite the fact that there is currently a sudden fever consuming the nation, it is no wonder that the Viking Fury slot game is so popular now at 918kiss online gaming platform. The truth is that a large number of game firms have been producing titles about this topic for years. Viking Fury slot game at 918kiss is one such game that exemplifies this.

Viking Fury slots

Viking Fury is a viking themed fantasy slot game that is published by The Art of Games and distributed on the 918kiss online slots platform to be accessed by Malaysian online slot fans. It is one of the earlier products published by this developer that has only recently garnered a lot of attention at the 918kiss online casino app, which can be deduced by taking a look at the images that are now being used inside the activity. In this particular game, the focus has been focused on illustrative elements rather than 3D ones. Given the rough and tumble nature of the subject that was selected, this, contrary to what you might believe, really adds extra depth to the game.

Why is this game so popular at 918kiss?

What makes this game unique, though, is that in addition to the conventional vikings and longboats, it features a type of biker style, complete with flames on top of the grid and a skull at the center of the title’s name. Even while we are aware that the history of the Vikings is a particularly gory one, we do not believe that this is the aesthetic that should be used. All 918kiss Malaysia online slot players will not have to worry about the full degree of the wrath being unleashed from the bounds of the grid whether you are interested in playing free slot games or for real money.

The grid’s 3×5 dynamics manage to control the intensity that burns inside. More winning opportunities are presented by the game’s five reels and fifteen winlines. Players will notice that the number of lines they may wager on climbs from one to three to five to nine and ultimately to fifteen. In addition, as they boost the volume, the matrix will be updated to indicate the lines that are currently being used, therefore highlighting the locations on the board where you are most likely to get wins.

Is Viking Fury hard to play for casual slot players in Malaysia?

This online game has a moderate level of difficulty due to the fact that players will never be able to uncover more than 11 symbols in its entirety. Furthermore, as a result of the difficulty in achieving winning combinations, we would classify this game as having a volatility that falls somewhere in the middle. It is not difficult to classify the icons into one of three categories: typical, important, or exceptional. The standard tiles represent the suit values of the playing cards, and they may award anywhere from five euros to two hundred and fifty euros, depending on which you discover and how many you have.

The significant photos are those that can be discovered in pairs as well as five of a kind, and that have more credits to their names, with the maximum amount that can be paid out being worth 2,500 coins. This is because the maximum amount that can be paid out is worth 2,500 coins. Last but not least, we have what you may term the game’s extras, which are referred to as the specialties. These come in the form of wilds, pick me bonuses, and free spins. Visit here https://www.918kissdownload.co/918kiss-news/5-game-terbaik-anda-patut-cuba-di-918kiss to know more great games in 918kiss.

Viking Fury review and expert rating

Taking a look at them in that order, the first thing that we’ll discuss is the fact that the wild may transform into any of the other symbols, with the exception of the bonus symbol. The free spins may be triggered by finding at least three of Thor’s hammers, which can result in as many as twenty more rounds being awarded to the player. When it comes to choosing me, on the other hand, the fun really starts to heat up since this is where you get to choose a random gift that was made specifically for you.

Because you need to put a wager ranging from 15 to 45 credits in order to release all of that pent-up rage, this is the kind of game that accidentally eliminates players who are on a limited financial budget. In defense of Viking Fury, we may point to the fact that it is one of the more approachable titles playable on the 918kiss online casino app. All Malaysia 918kiss users have the ability to change the amount of winlines, which increases their chances of winning, but also increases the likelihood that they will lose more money than they win.

Aside from the option to configure the bet and activate automated rounds, the control panel does not offer a lot of additional customization options; the paytable is the only other option available to the player. Although there is only one page dedicated to this area, it provides a comprehensive explanation of the scope of each of the bonus rounds. This will be helpful for players who are puzzled by what they have read in other sections of the guide.


In Viking Fury, there is a lot of anger and emotions for a fantasy slot game, which gives the game the impression that it is here to impress and offer Malaysian 918kiss members a whole lot of fun and entertainment. The Art of Games has driven home the design so much that it has become one of the most popular online slot game available to be accessed now at 918kiss online casino. Sign up now at 918kiss to access more slot games like Viking Fury.

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