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If you want to place an eSports wager, Shbet is the place to go. There are several advantages to including Shbet88 on your list of eSports suppliers. As you can see below, Shbet88 has a lot to offer in terms of eSports games.

There are also fantastic sign-up bonuses for eSports games to look forward to. This area covers all Shbet88 has to offer in regards of eSport games. Let’s get this party started. Link https://shbet88.asia/casino-online/

Games store

Because of its extensive selection of eSports games, Shbet88 is one of the finest eSports betting sites. Here is a list of eSports games available for wagering at Shbet88.

League of Legends (LoL)


World of Tanks

Starcraft 2



It’s uncommon to find bookmakers with such a diverse variety of eSports titles. Because they have a large number of betting markets, most only provide the big ones like as Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, and Starcraft. The other little eSports titles featured below, on the other hand, have a plethora of tournaments and betting markets.


Shbet88 offers a fantastic selection of markets in both large and local tournaments. 

Among these are CS:GO: Major League, Blast Pro Series, and ESL One.

Dota 2: The Summit, ESL Pro League, The International and other regional leagues.

League of Legends: VCS, LPL, LCK, LJL, LOL All-Stars, Demacia Cup, and LOL Legends Pro League.

Betting odds

In comparison to its competitors, Shbet88 provides competitive eSports betting odds. You’ll always discover the greatest odds whether you play pre-match or live eSport games. Furthermore, the betting markets are vast. Aside from the normal markets on the overall game and regional victor, you may additionally wager on the following:

Winner of the round.

Maps in total.


The total number of fragments.

The number of rounds is even/odd.

First blood, and so forth.

Live betting and game streaming

Shbet88, as many other eSports firms, offers live streaming of select eSports games. Where accessible, the live stream quality is excellent and on par with the best. There are also live scores and other relevant statistics.

However, live streaming eSport games might be more difficult than live streaming other sports. Overall, it’s primarily due to license issues with relation to broadcasting the games. Nonetheless, live scores are an effective method to follow the matches.


Shbet88 https://shbet88.asia/ offers a lot to offer whether you are a seasoned or a novice player. As you can see, Shbet88 has a large selection of eSports games. Aside from the varied betting markets and user-friendly betting restrictions, Shbet88 is an excellent eSports betting service. In case you are not fancy at Esports, Shbet88 also provides games and services for lotto betting, slot games and other types of online games. If you want to join in your favourite game, I am pretty sure that you will find it in here. Please give it a try and make a fortune with us. We wish you all good luck and success.

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