Difference Between Doosra And Googly in Cricket

Difference Between Doosra And Googly in Cricket

Difference between Doosra and Googly in Cricket is no longer a mystery! This has been one of the most frequently asked questions among cricket fans. Especially in this day and age where spinners rule the roost, but it wasn’t always like this.

To bet on any IPL Satta Matka, you may need to understand what these two are and how you can make use of them.

Difference between Doosra and Googly in Cricket

Over the years, spin bowlers have performed exceedingly well to make a name for themselves in the mainstream cricketing circle. Back in the day, it was the fast bowlers who used to rule the roost; it was only in the later years that the spinner improvised to become the best in the business. Also, in the later years, they performed quite well to enter the mainstream cricketing circle. They also enjoyed a lot of attention and had a huge fan following, like legendary fast bowlers like Brett Lee and Shoaib Akhtar.

As the game evolved, it tilted more and more towards the batters, which meant that the bowlers would now have to evolve and try something new. That was when the spinners started to use unconventional tactics. Let’s say a leg spinner would bowl off spin, and similarly, an off spinner would bowl leg spin. This was called the wrong un in conventional cricket terms.

Nevertheless, there were also different names for these kinds of deliveries. For an off-spinner a leg break will be called Doosra. Similarly, a leg spinner bowling an offbreak will be called the Googly.

That’s the biggest difference between a Doosra and a Googly. Let’s take a look at how these two deliveries were bowled.

What is a Doosra?

Usually, an off-spinner bowls a delivery that pitches on the off side and moves to the leg side after pitching. This is called the conventional off-spin. Nevertheless, with batters gaining the upper hand, the off spinners started to use the Doosra, which meant they were bowling the wrong un—the one that would go the other way.

Which bowlers use the Doosra?

A lot of off-spinners use the Doosra to full advantage. This includes the likes of Harbhajan Singh and Ravichandran Ashwin. This delivery is basically used by a number of classical offspinners. Some of them use it to great effect and mix it up with different kinds of deliveries, which helps outfox the batters.

When did Doosra bowl for the first time?

It was bowled for the first time during a Test match between Australia and Pakistan at Sharjah in 2001. It was Australia who were batting, and Pakistan’s Saqlain Mushtaq came in for another long spell on a dustbowl wicket. The willy-off spinner tried to experiment and bowled the Doosra for the first time. As he kept on troubling the Aussies, wicketkeeper Moin Khan egged on the bowler to try the “doosra,” which means the other delivery in Hindi. The TV commentator Tony Grieg picked it up and started to use it again and again, after which the moniker made its way into cricket circles.

What is a Googly?

Just like the Doosra, Googly is the wrong un but for the leg-break bowler. A leg spinner bowls leg spin, a delivery that pitches on the leg side before moving away to the off side. But with the batters gaining the upper hand, the leg spinners started to use Googly to full effect. They would often mix it up with the straighter one, which ensured the batter would be taken aback when the leg spinner bowled the Googly for the first time.

Which bowlers use Googly?

India’s Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav both use Googly. These young Indian spinners aren’t afraid to bowl unorthodox deliveries, which include using the Googly multiple times in a spell. Moreover, Australia’s legendary spinner Shane Warne also used this delivery to get the breakthrough.

 When was Googly bowled for the first time?

The googly was bowled for the first time by an amateur in England called Bernard James Tindal Bosanquet, who invented this art while studying in Oxford in 1897. He perfected his craft and used it for the first time in a county championship match against Middlesex in July 1900.

Concluding Thoughts on the Difference between Doosra and Googly in Cricket

Since these are not stock deliveries, the spinner will have to bend his arm to execute a Doosra or a Googly. Saqlain Mushtaq was the only one who managed to bowl the Doosra perfectly using the back of his hand. But when Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan tried to bowl this same delivery, the ICC’s match referee held it illegal, saying that Muralitharan was straightening his arm more than 5 degrees—more than what the ICC permitted at the time in 2004.

Later in 2005, the ICC made an amendment that said the bowler could now straighten their arm up to 15 degrees, after which spinners were able to bowl the Doosra.

While bowling the Doosra has always been difficult for off spinners, this was never the case with leg spinners, who would often use the Googly multiple times and escape the glare.

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