What Are Its Benefits and Use Cases

Crypto Converter: What Are Its Benefits and Use Cases?

The variety of cryptocurrency services amazes – with the development of the market, they started to expand and add new earning options, attracting new users. However, before picking a worthy cryptocurrency converter, you should evaluate all the pros and cons.

A crypto converter brings the following benefits:

  • It provides instant transactions
  • It is easy to handle even for a beginner
  • It provides relevant asset rates here and now.

However, converters vary by the following factors:

  • the opportunity to exchange fiat-crypto pairs;
  • the level of safety;
  • withdrawal limits;
  • fee policy;
  • customer support;
  • intuitive platform.

The most often use case for a crypto converter is to exchange crypto-fiat pairs. While it is easy to find a platform that allows one to deposit fiat and buy crypto, it appears to be much harder to find a converter that would enable a reverse conversion without limits. But we have found one – the WhiteBIT exchange crypto converter.

What are the Main Methods to Exchange Crypto?

There are two main types of platforms for exchanging digital assets and earning a profit: centralized and decentralized. It’s recommended to start with centralized services as they tend to be more user-friendly and offer a full range of necessary options and features for profitable trading.

To trade efficiently, it’s important to have a reliable platform that provides a full range of tools and features, including:

  • A crypto trade calculator that calculates transaction prices based on current cryptocurrency prices
  • Support for a variety of cryptocurrency pairs
  • Fast and inexpensive transactions
  • Quality customer support
  • The ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat currency
  • High levels of security and protection against hacker attacks
  • Trading bots

Why WhiteBIT?

This platform operates legally and has all the certificates and audits passed. WhiteBIT is registered in Europe. It is an intuitive exchange that even a beginner trader will handle. It has quality customer support and fixed fees for all operations. WhiteBIT has no withdrawal limits, so you can convert your crypto to fiat and cash it out in a few minutes. Converting crypto is as simple as possible: Select your pair and enter the number of coins you would like to exchange for fiat. Then pay the commission and cash out your funds to a bank card. In the same way, you can buy cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT if you have dollars, euros, or pounds. The converter always displays the most profitable rate and proceeds with transactions in a matter of minutes. The platform has high liquidity, so there are always those willing to buy or sell your currency. Check out more about this service on its WhiteBIT blog.

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