Chinese traditional medicine: peculiarities of treatment

Today traditional Chinese medicine is quite popular. This trend first originated in China but is now widespread throughout the world. The main peculiarity of this direction is that there is a pinpoint effect on certain parts of the body. It helps normalize the vital energy inside the human organism.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are treatments such as:

  • Face and body reading. This method of treatment is widely used to identify hidden diseases. After all, our external appearance tells a lot about our internal state. This method of examination also allows us to determine a person’s psychological state.
  • Cupping therapy. This type of therapy is effective in treating cellulite, promotes fat burning, and also helps to remove the excess intracellular fluid. After the procedure, the patient gets elasticity of the skin, making it easier to cope with temperature fluctuations, and muscle tone, which in the process of contraction becomes more elastic.
  • Gua Sha. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, by scraping specific points along the human body, it is possible to clean the channels and the corresponding internal organs. The scraping process takes place with the help of a special plate that is made from the horn of wild animals. This process activates energy channels, normalizes blood circulation, heals colds, relieves back and lower back pain, etc. After completion of the process, bruises appear on the skin, which is not dangerous, but may cause non-significant discomfort.
  • Acupuncture. Needle therapy helps to treat more than 300 different diseases. It helps with migraines, asthma, hypertension, various heart, and central nervous system diseases, epidermal diseases, and helps with various gynecological diseases.
  • Moxibustion. It is considered one of the most effective methods of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. The plant was not accidentally chosen for the creation of cigars. Chinese medics studied the properties of wormwood and came to the conclusion that when the dry leaves of the herb smolder, an optimal temperature is reached, which has a therapeutic effect on the points that are on the surface of the human body.

Firebird Acupuncture

Firebird Acupuncture is a Chinese traditional medicine center near New York City. Now everyone can find not only good health of the body but also of the soul. Maria Gorens, the founder of the center, is a pain manager with 25 years of experience. Maria has a medical background, as well as proof of courses taken in acupuncture and face and body reading. Having specialized education helps Maria determine the cause of pain as well as provide individualized therapy with each patient.

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