Legal and Ethical Aspects of an Ambiguous Activity

Hacking is an activity which has long been tied with ethical and legal complications. The term has evolved to have both ethical and unethical connotations, which can be confusing to the uninitiated. Hacker subculture has a myriad of terminology, sometimes with subtle variations, and this chapter identifies the main subcategories …

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Legal and Jurisdictional Issues Regarding Cyberspace

ABSTRACT This chapter focuses on some of the most relevant issues in today’s data protection: responsibility and jurisdiction are examined in the light of the principle of “privacy by design.” On one hand, both from the substantial and procedural points of view, national legal systems determine different rights and duties …

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Law and Technology at Crossroads in Cyberspace: Where Do We Go From Here?

Law and Technology at Crossroads in Cyberspace

INTRODUCTION Computer crime has evolved to be a serious problem that deserves attention. The Internet-enabled environment facilitates many flexible work opportunities for employees allowing them to work away from their desks. Telecommuting, working from home, and remote computing while traveling is becoming common occurrence in many organizations. Thus organizations are …

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