Cards to Cash: What to Do With Leftover Prepaid Cards

Are you sitting on a stash of unused prepaid cards? If so, you aren’t the only one.

Recent studies estimate that, on average, Americans have five to nine unused gift cards lying around. Leftover prepaid cards are always a problem because you lose much value if you don’t use them in time (usually within a year).

So what do you do with prepaid cards? Fortunately, there are many possibilities for leftover prepaid cards. Read on for several ideas for when you find yourself in need of cards to cash solutions.

Go to a Brick and Mortar Store

If you have leftover prepaid cards and are unsure of what to do, one option would be to take them to a brick-and-mortar store to see if they’ll accept them for payment. Many brick-and-mortar stores carry a variety of prepaid cards and store-specific loyalty cards.

When taking your cards to a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll usually be asked to provide personal identification, so the cashier knows you are the card owner.

Cash Them In

If you have leftover prepaid cards sitting around, cashing them in can provide a great source of extra cash you can use however you’d like. Cashing them in is easy – head over to your favorite online cash exchange service and provide card details, including the amount remaining and expiration date if applicable.

Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive payment, a combination of cash and a bank deposit. Prepaid cards to cash are one of the best ways to deal with leftover prepaid gift cards.

Use the Remaining Balance at a Partner Store

Using the remaining balance from your prepaid card at a partner store is a great way to maximize it. Many stores have partnered up to accept each other’s prepaid cards for payment on items.

This way, you can use up the remaining prepaid card balance without going through the hassle of trying to convert any leftover funds into cash. This can be especially helpful when you have an odd amount left that you can’t use.

Get the Retailer to Cash Out the Balance on its Gift Card

Getting the retailer to cash out a balance on its prepaid cards may be beneficial in more ways than one. Retailers typically allow you to turn your gift card into cash if you cannot use it. This option is more convenient than returning the gifts or donating them, and you may be able to get a slightly better rate.

The best way to cash out a gift card balance is to contact the retailer directly. Tell them you have unused gift cards and want to cash out their value. Some stores may have a maximum amount of money you can receive, so know beforehand.

Choose the Best Cards to Cash Option

Gift cards left unused provide an easy way to turn those cards to cash. By selling leftover cards, consumers can turn their unwanted cards into money.

But be sure to proceed with caution as card features and restrictions vary. So, if you have a leftover prepaid card and want to use or sell it, do your research first.

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