Boost Business Success with Seekink——A Groundbreaking Display Solution

Seekink, a leading player in the EPD (Electronic Paper Display) industry with years of experience, is at the forefront of transforming industries with innovative E-paper solutions. As businesses across 100+ countries seek highly customizable and energy-efficient options for their digital signage needs, Seekink stands out as the go-to provider for outdoor digital signage solutions. With its deep understanding of true-color E-paper technology and a commitment to sustainability, Seekink offers a range of products designed to revolutionize outdoor digital signage while minimizing energy expenses. Explore how Seekink is shaping the future of outdoor digital signage with its cutting-edge technology and dedication to a smarter, more eco-friendly world.

Incredibly Products

E-Paper Bus Stop Signs are a really unique and outstanding product they have. It can be applied to a variety of smart city solutions, including intelligent public services, intelligent advertising, and intelligent travel and tourism.

It has a paper-like display with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels that is clear and glare-free during the day. With LED front lights to highlight the show, it offers a stunning outdoor display that is visible even in dim lighting. It is appropriate for usage in tough conditions because it has an IP65 weatherproof rating that shields it from water and dust. It is quite flexible, providing alternatives for product modification based on anyone’s unique requirements and wants.


Seekink, a leading EPD (Electronic Paper Display) industry player, offers customizable and energy-efficient outdoor digital signage solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and true-color E-paper technology, Seekink offers products like E-Paper Bus Stop Signs, which can be used in smart city solutions like public services, advertising, and travel. These signs have a clear, glare-free 2560 x 1440 pixel display, LED front lights, and an IP65 weatherproof rating. They also offer flexibility for customization based on unique requirements.

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