Bookmaker Information 789BET Reputable bookmaker for sports betting

This paragraph 789BET homepage will introduce to you one of the hottest bookmakers on the market and attract the largest number of players today besides names like Fun88, W88 or M88, that is dealer 789BET.

Bookmaker Information 789BET

 789BET is a reputable bookmaker in the online betting game market, established in 1999, for more than 10 years now.

789BET attracts the largest and most exciting number of players on the market because of the variety of games and bets.

 789BET is a partner of many clubs in English Premier League and is considered the bookmaker for most markets.

Advantages of 789BET is a good customer care service system, 24/7 support, fast deposit and withdrawal process, super attractive Sports promotions and diverse types of odds and bets.

Strengths of the House 789BET

In addition to providing Online Casino services, 789BET has special and outstanding strengths in this type of sports betting.

789BET especially shows its strengths in online soccer betting. This is demonstrated by sponsorship contracts for football clubs in Premier League that is:

  • Chelsea
  • Bolton Wanderers
  • Liverpool
  • Wigan Athletic

In addition to becoming a sponsor for famous clubs in the English Premier League, 789BET also participates in global activities, rated as one of the The most prestigious bookmaker in Southeast Asia

Highlights of the house 789BET

Outside of football, 789BET also famous for developing outdoor sports and world-class tournaments.

Betting matches of 789BET always attracts a large number of players.

Grow through genre card games with prizes and sports betting,  789BET has taken advantage of this opportunity to expand into the online casino genre and is also gradually capturing the online betting game market.

These games attract many participants 789BET In recent times, these include: Online lottery, Electronic sports (esports), Poker, Online Casino.

 789BET Show your class through strong and professional investment in your products.

List of betting games at the house 789BET

List of betting games of 789BET It must be said that it is extremely complete and diverse, players can search for any betting game at 789BET.

Regarding sports betting games, 789BET Strong investment capital and focus on building and developing from the beginning, so this house has become famous for these subjects:

  • Online soccer betting
  • Tennis betting, badminton betting online.
  • American Football Betting.
  • Field hockey, ice hockey
  • Betting on racing, boxing, martial arts,…

There are also golf and handball bets, generally the house 789BET is a betting playground specifically for sports.

About electronic Sports ( Esports),  789BET Invest in subjects such as:

  • Overwatch
  • CSGO
  • Dota 2
  • LOL

About Casino and Online Casino recently 789BET Focus on developing stronger than before with games like:

  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

These are the titles Hot game on the Asian market, is sought after by many people.

Besides 789BET also invest in online casino games with online multiplayer such as: Roulette, Poker, Sicbo, baccarat,

Regarding lottery betting, 789BET Developing a variety of game titles for players with diverse experiences, in which Keno is the most popular game, the number of players is always stable and very high.

As for the Poker genre, gamers can experience it with a website browser and both on Mac OS or Windows.

In addition to the above items, 789BET also introduces new and unique betting genres for players such as: financial bets, lottery bets, special event bets.

Financial bets

This is a fairly new form of betting for players. With this type of betting, players will bet on stock indices from markets such as Korea, America and Japan.

Event betting

The special event betting genre must be said to be very new and attracts many players. The rules of this type of bet are to find the winner of a television show or an award-winning movie.

Lottery bets

Unlike other lottery bets, in this type of bet, players need to guess the result to match the Vietlott lottery station of Vietnam or possibly other countries in Asia.

Present 789BET also provides betting games at top tournaments such as:

  • Premier League
  • C1 Cup
  • A league
  • The league
  • ATP tennis tournament
  • NBA basketball tournament

See: Casino 789BET

Should you play online betting at 789BET

 dealer 789BET is an online betting playground that is growing very strongly, anyone wants to participate in playing 789BET for the reasons below.

Play betting games at 789BET – Good experience

 dealer 789BET always brings the perfect experience to each player for the following reasons:

  • The website is designed simply, the categories are arranged in an easy-to-understand layout.
  • Access speed is fast and stable, players never miss out on attractive bets.
  • Providing a diverse number of games, many attractive bets for players.
  • There are a variety of bet types from classic to modern bets.

General 789BET is an online betting playground that is being highly appreciated at this time, with a very large and stable number of players.

Enthusiastic customer care and support

Not only investing in a variety of attractive bets, 789BET always want to satisfy all customers and develop further.

Because of this, 789BET Always focus on your customer service.

Every customer when participating in online betting games at 789BET Everyone can experience enthusiastic customer service, available 24/7, solving all customer questions.

The consulting and customer support staff are all knowledgeable about betting.

Unlike some less reputable bookmakers and betting houses 789BET Always provide timely and quick support to players, no one has to wait long.

Players’ questions are answered accurately and clearly, with absolutely no vague answers.

It is the advantage of customer service that the betting house 789BET always highly appreciated by players for its reputation.

This is also the basis for 789BET Always confident about the quality of our services.

Particularly for the Vietnamese market, 789BET There is Vietnamese language support, so players do not need to worry about not understanding the rules or regulations of the game.

To receive quick support when having questions, players should choose the live chat channel or call directly.

Deposit and withdraw money quickly

To bring the best experience to players, 789BET Always pay attention to optimizing the deposit and withdrawal process.

To deposit money, players can choose forms such as depositing by Internet Banking or ATM. These deposit methods take place quite quickly, most players do not have to wait long.

For bonus withdrawals, bookmaker 789BET has linked with many large banks in Vietnam to facilitate customers’ withdrawals such as: ACB, Vietcombank, Maritime Bank, Techcombank, Agribank, Vietinbank,…

Conclusion about 789BET

If compared with the top online betting game bookmakers 789BET can be counted equally.

With a variety of betting games and good customer service 789BET is always a reasonable choice for players.

If you are wondering about choosing a reputable bookmaker to play betting games 789BET is an option not to be missed.

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