Best 6 True Wireless Earbuds of Soundcore

Best 6 True Wireless Earbuds of Soundcore

Earphones with cables sometimes become difficult to manage, especially if you are travelling or doing a task. Because of this reason in these situations people usually avoid using any type of headphones. It has also been observed that these become useless more frequently as the wire is delicate and sensitive. 

But now where advanced technology has provided us with a lot of ease, wireless earbuds are an amazing solution for these issues. By using true wireless earbuds you can enjoy music or listen to a call while doing your workout or travelling or driving your car. 

You may face battery issues or fitting issues if you end up with low-quality wireless earbuds. The given article is going to be a helping hand for you as we have described the best 8 true wireless earbuds of Soundcore that you can get. 

Best 8 True Wireless Earbuds of Soundcore

  1. Sport X10

Its rotatable ear hooks twist up to 210° so you can find the perfect spot. Its unique design makes it more comfortable and secure in the place of workout. It has a fully waterproof technology in addition to its further protection protects it from sweat, especially during exercise. 

It has a bass-up technology through which you can analyze your music bass. The single charge can take 8 hours if you are listening to music.

Price: $79.99

  1. Liberty 3 Pro

You can use it, especially when you are in a fully noisy place. It can reduce the environmental noise as you feel yourself in another world. The total timing of its working is about 32 hours. The speed of transmitting data from your device to earbuds is much faster than others.

Price: $169.99

  1. Liberty 2 Pro

You can get 8 hours from a single charge of it and if you quickly charge 10 minutes then you will get 2 hours for listening. You can attend the calls with 60% less noise from the environment and 95% voice isolation. 

Price: $69.99

  1. Liberty Air 2 Pro

It has a transport mode through which you can optimize the sound of engines, traffic, and public transport. Liberty Air 2 Pro is also designed for drivers to use. It creates a tailor-made sound set up according to your ears. You can get 7 hours of playback on a single charge.

Price: $99.99

  1. Liberty Air 2

It is known as the perfect home office earbud as each earbud has 2 microphones with noise reduction technology. Environmental noise is reduced by 60% and 95% of your voice is retained. The single charge of Liberty Air 2 carries a timing of 7 hours which means you can use it for up to 28 hours. It uses Bluetooth  5 for a fast and easy connection.

Price: $34.18

  1. Life P3

You can get 5 different colours of life P3 so you can select the one according to your style. The box of earbuds is much smaller so it can easily fit in your pocket. Each earbud carries 6 microphones so your voice will be heard clearly on phones, video calls, live streams, etc.

Price: $79.99

Sum Up

The given article is helpful for the person who does not want a wire in their headphones or for the workout people. The best true wireless earbuds that Soundcore is providing are described along with their key features and prices. Select the one that suits you best. 

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