AEDs from Mindray for a Healthier Future

Mindray is a cutting-edge technological enterprise based in China. Since they were professionals in the sector, they constantly delivered high-quality AED supplies. As a top AED supplier, they supply the world with cutting-edge AED purchase alternatives to diagnose abnormal heart rhythm, and to give defibrillation shocks to those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

The AEDs made by Mindray is intelligent.

Additionally, Mindray is enhancing the functionality of its AEDs to boost the success rate of resuscitation, increase the products’ intelligence and usability, and purchase more valuable time for patients.

Rescuers can perform the first defibrillation more quickly thanks to the 360J defibrillation power of the Mindray AEDs and pre-charging technology that lets “open the lid and turn on, from power on to discharge in 7 seconds.” Such technology was previously only seen in AEDs designed for operating rooms.

The AEDs made by Mindray is very simple to operate and don’t require any training. They can recognize obstacles the rescuer encounters while providing assistance, adjusting animated guidance and audio prompts automatically to provide the rescuer with precise instructions and improve emergency services. Most importantly, increase the success rate of first aid.

AEDs help creates a healthier and better world in the future.

Since more people are expected to use AEDs in the future, Mindray has been keeping enhancing their technical capabilities, concentrating on their efficiency, quickness, intelligence, usability, reliability, and other innovations, to raise first-aid standards all around, make using AEDs more convenient, and facilitate public assistance.

For more information, go to Mindray’s official website!

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