AED for Workplace: Introducing How to Use

The significance of AEDs is progressively gaining traction among a wider variety of people. For everyday individuals who run into unforeseen situations, knowing how to use an AED is crucial because it is the only quick form of first aid. The widespread use of AEDs for workplaces is also thought to increase the effectiveness of first aid for cardiac arrest patients and guarantee their survival. As a competent AED provider with years of experience, Mindray offers patient monitoring, defibrillation system, AEDs and so on. Check out some information to keep in mind when utilizing AEDs today.

Common problems that require care while using

The rescuer should resume CPR after the first defibrillation using the AED, per medical staff recommendations, in a workplace setting.

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Instead of maintaining an irregular rhythm of unsuccessful chest compressions or even doing nothing after installing the AED, there are concerns about this process.

When performing chest compressions, the rescuer should only adhere to the AED’s voice instructions and the rhythm of “ding, ding, ding¬†” that it emits to perform effective CPR. It is also important to pay attention to the depth and position of the chest compression.

The AED will reassess the heart rhythm through the electrodes after two minutes to determine whether a second defibrillation is necessary. One more thing to remember if the assessment results are required: before defibrillation is carried out, please ensure that the patient’s body is a specified distance from the rescuer. Otherwise, the defibrillator current can assault the rescuer or bystanders. Again, this was not the desired result.



I hope that every member of society is proficient in the use of AEDs so that in the event of a cardiac arrest, those nearby are the first to respond and administer cardiac resuscitation and AED resuscitation using the cutting-edge AED for workplaces produced by Mindray while waiting for medical personnel to arrive to provide further professional care, which can significantly increase the survival rate.

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