A Simple Guide to the Different Cuts of Diamonds

A Simple Guide to the Different Cuts of Diamonds

Diamonds are forever! Unless you can’t afford a natural diamond. Or, you’re unaware of the different cuts of diamonds. Some are better suited for specific occasions or ring styles.

Furthermore, not all rings can accommodate every cut. If you’re looking to buy real-life jewelry, you need to understand the differences in diamond cuts now. This article will clear up all of your diamond-related confusion. Read on!

The Rose Cut

The rose-cut diamond is traditional and popular for its velvety soft romantic look. It was popular from the mid-1500s to today. This diamond is a type of single-layer faceted shape and is designed with triangular facets in a symmetrical pattern, which creates a dome-like shape.

Its flat bottom and slightly domed top give light to the gem, making it sparkle. The romantic shape and dreamy look of this diamond make it one of the most desirable cuts that still stand the test of time. It is typically cut with 24, 18, or 12 facets, ranging from 18-24% depth, creating an understated and simply elegant diamond that is captivating to the eye.

The Princess Cut

The Princess Cut diamond is one of the most popular and sought-after diamond cuts. Its popularity stems from its classic and timeless design which is perfect for today’s modern trends.

This cut is made up of a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners, perfect for adding sparkle and brilliance to any design. The pavilion, or the back side of the diamond, is symmetrically cut with several facets that serve to enhance the sparkle and brilliance.

With the right setting and diamonds of a higher color grade, a Princess Cut diamond can look even more radiant. When buying one, make sure to look for one with the most symmetrical facets and the highest clarity possible.

With the right combination and placement, a Princess Cut diamond can create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that is perfect for any occasion.

The Marquise Cut

The Marquise Cut diamond is an elegant and unique shape that is typically found in antique jewelry. It is a pointed oval, with two ends tapering into one point and two curves along its sides.

It is sometimes called a navette cut, French for “little boat”, because of its shape. It is a great choice for those looking to maximize the size of the stone, as its elongated shape can create the illusion of a bigger size.

It also helps enhance the perceived clarity of the diamond. However, this cut is typically lower in sparkle and brilliance compared to some other cuts such as the round or princess cut.

This cut excels in its ability to produce a larger carat weight, while still maintaining a shape that exudes elegance and style.

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Learn More About Different Cuts of Diamonds Today

Diamonds come in many shapes, sizes, and cuts with each type offering its own unique sparkle and beauty. After reading this simple guide, you should better understand the different cuts of diamonds and what sets them apart.

Take time to consider which is the more attractive, fits your budget, and sets the personalities of you and your partner. Shopping for diamonds is an exciting journey. Enjoy it!

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