7 Best Projectors for 2022 That You Must Know

7 Best Projectors for 2022 That You Must Know

If you hate going to the cinema and prefer staying at home to watch the movie, then you should definitely own a projector to bring the cinema to your home or if you want to create an impact on everyone from your presentation then you must display it on one of these projectors.

A fun fact about projectors is that it is not necessary for you to keep projectors indoors; you can also place them outdoors and have a fun movie night with your friends and family!

You would be surprised to know that there is such a wide variety of projectors available in the market and here are 7 of the best projectors you can purchase by using discount coupons and depending on your range and preferences.


Model Dimension Resolution 3-D Footage Price


1,016 x 7,624 1920 x 1080 Available $1,798
Optoma S341 298 x 230 x 96.5 800 x 600 Available $285
RIF6 CUBE Pico 2″x2″x1.9″ 854 x 480 Not available $211
BenQ HT2050 10.9 x 15 x 14.7 1080 p Available $698
Sony VPL-HW40ES 23.5 x 20 x 11.5 1080 p Available $1,699
Sony VPLVW285ES 20 x 23 x 11.5 1920 x 1080 Available $4,998
Pyle Pro PRJLE55 15 x 9.5 x 18.25 800 X 480 Not available $180


1. Sony VPLHW45ES:

The good thing about Sony’s VPLHW45ES is that it is very easy to set it up and control. It also has the feature of super whisper-quiet so; no noise comes from the projector and that’s what most people look for in their projectors.

It might not be economical but it is worth the price and it comes with a 3-year warranty too.

2. Optoma S341:

This projector comes with Eco+ which saves energy and reduces power consumption by 70%. It has a long lamp life and a guarantee of HD colors. It is really handy so, you can take them to your office for a presentation or to your school without any difficulty. Furthermore, it is really economical for everyone.

However, there have been many problems faced by customers regarding the projector’s picture quality, and if the projector fails to provide you clear picture then really what’s the point of it? Make sure you check it before buying!

3. RIF6 CUBE Pico:

This projector might be really tiny but it makes sure to leave a huge impression on everyone. You can carry it easily in your pocket or your bag and take it wherever you go with you. Its LED Lamp can last up to 20,000 hours so; you can watch movies for a very long time on this device without the worry of its brightness fading away. 

Moreover, the quality of the picture is pretty good considering how small the projector really is. There is not a single bad thing about this cube and it is worth its pocket-friendly price such as little earrings. 

4. BenQ HT2050:

If you have a spare room and are willing to convert it into a home theater in that case this projector will be a perfect choice for you. It’s huge and it provides you with the best HD quality picture. Dark-colored movies end up looking incredible in it. On top, of it all, there is a 100% guarantee that your boss will really be satisfied with you if you show your presentation on this projector.

Image Source: unlash

5. Sony VPLHW40ES:

If you leave the lights on in the room while watching something on the projector even then there will not be a difference in the HD quality of the picture, it will be the same image as it is during the lights are off. The zoom and focus are so good that they will probably leave you speechless.

Anyone who has bought this specific projector was satisfied with it. It’s perfect for gaming and movies. It is highly recommended.

6. Sony VPLVW285ES:

It is still not released yet but still, but it will be available by 2022. Super-resolution which comes with it gives you a chance to experience reality in front of your eyes. You feel as if the scene is taking place in front of you. It supports the latest version of HDMI which is able to project 4K content and up to 60 frames per second. Isn’t that something?

The biggest downside of this projector is not everyone can afford it because it is really expensive and most people will not be able to take advantage of this projector or take them to their offices to give presentations like a pro.

Also, we all know that Sony company it’s a very big brand & people very trustful. Sony company spends a lot of money on its marketing & branding. Because there is very confident about there product.

7. Pyle Pro PRJLE55:

Pyle Pro PRJLE55 is like a dream for someone who gives a lot of presentations on a weekly basis at their office. You can connect it with everything and when I say everything, I mean it. You can call it a versatile projector. It comes with a multilingual device, languages such as; English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese are present. This way you will be able to present your clients with whichever language they understand.

However, its image is not clear enough and is very pixilated. So, you might as well add a few more bucks and buy a better image quality projector.

Hoping these projectors will help you look like a Pro while giving presentations!

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