5 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Unique

Your wedding is a special day, but for the unique bride and groom, it can be a struggle to plan an event that stands out as much as they do. Your budget and tastes will be the main factor when making decisions, but remember to be open to new and fun ideas. Here are just some of the ways you can easily make your wedding a more unique experience for you and your guests.

  1. Get a Custom Ring

Your typical diamond ring has been done to death, not to mention all of the ethical concerns around buying a natural diamond. Why settle for something typical when there are so many colored engagement rings available? You can work with a designer for something custom, but you can also choose to save some money by picking a ring that wasn’t originally made to be an engagement ring. There are so many classy and unique vintage rings out there, and you can make the hunt part of the fun.

  1. Drop Tradition

If you want to make a splash, drop the stuffy traditions. Things like wearing a white dress, having a large bridal party, and requiring speeches aren’t necessary to have a fun, beautiful wedding day. Wear whatever color makes you happiest, and don’t worry about subscribing to a typical style of dress. Customize your ceremony or even start new traditions with your family and friends. Some of the more old-fashioned members of your family may grumble, but others will be delighted by the way you made the day your own.

  1. Choose an Unusual Venue

Choosing an unusual venue can help or hurt your wedding budget. Wedding venues typically already have the insurance and other permits required to host events, and they have experience dealing with vendors, brides, and crowds. An unusual venue might cost less, but you’ll have to do more work to make sure all your vendors are compliant and can work in different conditions. If you’re not careful, it can cost you more than the typical venue. Luckily, more and more locations are jumping on the wedding venue train, and now you can get married at places like museums and aquariums!

  1. Offer More Food Choices

The food is one of the most important elements of any wedding. Your guests are likely spending quite a bit of money and time to attend your wedding, so the least you can do is feed them well! Sit-down dinners are lovely but often take up a lot of valuable partying time, and food options for those with dietary restrictions tend to be limited. Offering a buffet or something fun like food trucks allows your guests to choose their food in a more memorable way, and it can even save you money. A wedding cake can cost thousands, but smaller desserts will appeal to a wider range of guests and will be simple to serve. You don’t have to settle for a single dessert, and you get to design a beautiful display.

  1. Play Games

Not everyone wants to drink and dance, so it’s not a bad idea to have other entertainment available. Making it a requirement to participate in games won’t be fun for everyone, but why not have a table with some board games? This is also a good idea if you plan on inviting children to your wedding. Not all of them will enjoy interacting with large crowds of loud people. Playing a round of a classic board game might just be the favorite part of someone’s night. You can even offer prizes or customize the games to you and your partner, or your theme, for some personalized flair.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially if you want your wedding to be unique and memorable. By getting creative and adding elements of your own personality, you’ll be able to craft an experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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