2023 Spring Baking Recipes to Try

A dreary winter with cold mornings and dark evenings does not often inspire someone to try out a bunch of different recipes. Comfort foods are common, and takeaways are pretty synonymous with that too. The less effort, the better.

That being said, spring is around the corner, and is exactly the perfect time to get in the kitchen and start making use of the extra daylight. The tiles on the floor are not so cold as they once were and getting up and about might not seem as much of a chore.

If you are looking forward to baking this spring, here are some inspired recipes that should be on your to do list.

Let’s get into it!

1)   The Mini Egg Nest

Starting off with this absolute classic that requires less than minimal effort, the mini egg nest is a fantastic mix of chocolatey goodness that can be done without an actual baking required.

All you need is some chocolate to melt, white, milk, and dark all work well, some shredded wheat cereal (plain or sugar), and some chocolate mini eggs!

Smash up your shredded wheat in a bag, pour into a bowl then add melted chocolate. Mix and mix until all of the shredded wheat is coated, and then pop scoops of the mixture into cupcake cases. Finally, finish them off with some chocolate mini eggs on top and you have your nest! Place them in the fridge to set and then eat whenever you get a craving.

2)   A Lemon Bundt Cake

Zesty citrus flavors are an absolute must for spring, and a lemon Bundt cake is the perfect vessel. This popular cake is an excellent option as a gift or a dish to bring to easter dinner, and will go a long way if you have a few guests to entertain.

If you are not a fan of lemon, you could swap out for orange which will work well too, and make sure that you have a Bundt pan to get that classic shape!

If you want to decorate your cake and do something a little more unique than the usual, consider getting yourself a custom stencil! This finishing touch will be quite the treat for anyone who is going to get to eat it!

3)   Spring Flower Cookies

Did you know that some of the spring flowers that pop up in your garden are edible? This is what makes them the perfect accompaniment to a spring desert or sweet treat.

Use a traditional cookie recipe you like, though shortbread works well and is decadent, decorate with icing when they are cooled, and then add your edible flowers on top for the finishing touch. If you are picking flowers from your own garden, make sure you choose safe to eat species and wash them thoroughly before using them, but you can buy some pre-packaged and ready to be used!

Enjoy some spring baking with these fun season recipes to try out!

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