20 Simple and Actionable Tips to Help You Write Amazing Poetry

20 Simple and Actionable Tips to Help You Write Amazing Poetry

Being a newbie poet doesn’t mean you need to wait for years to win the hearts of people with your poetry. With a proper plan, you can write good poetry faster and achieve your goals as a poet. Keep reading to find twenty tips that will get you started on your poetic journey!

1.      Explore Different Poetry Layouts

Starting with a poetry layout is the best way to write amazing poems in a short time. A poetry layout consists of the following:

  • A typeface
  • A title page
  • A table of contents
  • Illustrations for poems
  • A format of page breaks

Following a poetry layout can inspire you and help you present your thoughts in your poems. You can find a poetry layout online and follow it to write better poetry that engages your readers.

2.      Read More Poetry Books

You don’t need to compromise on daily activities to read the poetry of famous poets. It’s better to set aside some time for reading in a quiet place, so you can identify what makes a poem engaging and how you can write better poetry.

3.      Explore Different Literary Genres

Reading poetry books alone cannot help you supercharge your creativity. It’s better to explore various literary works so you can improve your thinking process. Start by reading short stories if you cannot squeeze out time for reading books in your daily routine.

4.      Participate In Competitions

Poetry competitions can help you learn the art of writing compelling, persuasive poetry faster. Make sure you explore local and online poetry groups to find out if there are any poetry writing competitions you can join.

5.      Find a Mentor

Thinking that you know everything about writing good poetry can hurt you in the long run. You should consider finding a mentor who can identify your hidden talent as a poet and help you write better poetry. Try contacting skilled poets and try getting under the wing of an established poet.

6.      Grow Your Network

Networking is the fastest way to connect with fellow poets. When you sit down to exchange ideas with other poets, you get the chance to learn how to improve your poetry writing skills. Participate in physical and online networking events to meet with fellow poets.

7.      Use the Right Tools

A great way you can save your time as a poet is by using tech tools. These tools can help you identify your mistakes, streamline your workflow, and boost your productivity to ensure that you achieve your goals faster.

Some of the best tools for poets include:

  • Marinara Timer
  • Grammarly
  • Milanote
  • Todoist
  • Ayoa

8.      Write Poetry in Solace

Trying to jot down your thoughts in the most creative, persuasive manner won’t be possible if you try writing poetry in a noisy place. Find yourself a quiet corner where you can focus your ideas without getting distracted.

9.      Try Writing in Different Poetry Forms

Experimenting with different poetry forms is a great way to sharpen your writing skills. Doing so allows you to overcome your fears as a poet and also broadens your imagination. Some of the poetry forms you should try are:

  • Sonnet
  • Haiku
  • Limerick
  • Elegy
  • Acrostic

10. Boost Your Vocabulary

Using the same words repeatedly or including difficult terms in your poetry will disconnect you from your readers. Try spending time boosting your vocabulary so you can use simple words that help you present your ideas in a persuasive manner.

11. Express Your Thoughts

There’s no need to feel shy about expressing your views and how you see things when writing poetry. Instead of impersonating other writers, make sure you develop your unique voice to share how you see the world through your eyes.

12. Rewrite Famous Poems

A great way of finding your “inner voice” as a poet is by rewriting the works of famous poets. Allocate some time in your daily routine to choose the themes of the poems you like and try writing poems of your own around those ideas.

13. Avoid Perfectionism

Trying to come up with the best poetry the world has ever read is a far-fetched idea. Being realistic is the only way you can succeed with your goals as a poet. Instead of fretting about your shortcomings as a poet, overcome your writer’s block and write whatever comes to your mind.

14. Stick With a Writing Routine

Writing poetry doesn’t require you to write all the time. Instead of messing up your daily routine, it’s better to allocate some time in the day for writing. Find yourself a place where nothing can interrupt you, and you can write with the presence of your mind.

15. Avoid Using Jargon

Adding technical terms in your poem will not give you an edge over other poets. Instead of making things complex, you need to avoid including jargon in your poetry if you want to build a strong, deeper connection with your readers.

16. Subscribe to Poetry Podcasts

Hearing what other poets have to say can help you on your journey of writing poetry. Find out the best podcasts for poets. You can try asking fellow poets in your circle to ask about their favorite podcasts if you don’t want to compare different podcasts yourself.

17. Start Your Website

A great way of getting the word out about your poetry is by building your website. If you cannot afford to hire a website designer, you can consider learning web design by enrolling in an online course. Post content regularly on your blog to keep interacting with your readers.

18. Don’t Forget About Journaling

Writing down your day-to-day experiences can help you become more expressive as a poet. Make sure you keep a small notepad with you or use a smartphone app to journal regularly. Review your journey once in a while to get inspiration for writing poetry.

19. Take Care of Your Health

You don’t have to compromise your health in the pursuit of your writing goals. Make sure you take care of your diet and stay hydrated to avoid health problems. Get in your bed on time and wake up early to maintain a healthy sleep routine.

20. Ask For Feedback

Getting feedback is the best way to find out if your poetry is engaging, creative, and persuasive. Send out your poems to people in your close circle and fellow poets to get honest feedback about your poetry writing skills.

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