12 Ideas on Decorating Your Home with Animal Paintings and Figurines

12 Ideas on Decorating Your Home with Animal Paintings and Figurines

Animal paintings and images can add a bold and energetic look to your living space. You can add a touch of excitement, vibrancy, and optimism to your home or office by adding prints or paintings of tigers, zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and so on. 

The best part is you can go creative with your wall decorations while adding animal designs to your room. Besides, different types of animals reflect a specific personality of the inhabitants, thus adding a sense of personal touch and style to your home. 

Paintings of furry or striped animals symbolize many things while adding a bold, enthusiastic, confident, and powerful look and tone to your home. Any kind of animal skin or material, such as fur, cord, suede, etc., can develop an eye-catching and valiant impression in your living space. 

However, while purchasing animal paintings, you must consider a few things and be extra careful about what you are bringing home. We have put together a few effective ideas and tips to help you choose the best animal artwork for your bedroom or living area. 

Avoid Overusing Animal Artwork

Abstain from overusing animal prints, paintings, or other artwork in your home. That’s because animals are extremely bold and powerful, and hence, overusing them in your room may influence immense power and bravery among inhabitants, which may have negative impacts. 

Therefore, stick to only one animal painting or photograph in your bedroom. We know the idea of animal paintings and prints sounds extremely exciting and thrilling. But using them sparingly with a bit of caution is necessary to tone down the high impacts they may create when you are overcrowding your room with animal wall art. 

The golden rule is to restrict one photo or painting only to one wall of your entire room. Instead of cluttering all the other walls with lots of animal wall art and making your room look like an animal gift shop, let that singular wall with the animal painting stand out. Leave breathing space in your room by leaving all the other walls blank with single solid colors. 

Always remember that less is more! Try to keep it simple. Avoid overcrowding your walls or cluttering your table tops with animal paintings and figurines. A single large or medium-sized painting hanging on a neutral shade wall will do the talking. 

Alternatively, if you have an empty corner of your room, you can jazz it up with a large animal figurine, such as a galloping horse painting or a group of elephants in different poses and trunk directions. And if you have a passion for animal wall decor pieces, you can put up the faces of reindeer, tiger, cheetah, leopard, etc., at the center of a barren wall. 

Create a Bold Look

Again, if you are placing your favorite animal painting in your bedroom, consider hanging it on your headboard or bedspread. It will build a bold and courageous look for your bedroom. You can create a contrasting look by complementing the painting with solid-colored walls, furniture, and throw pillows. For instance, if you are hanging a zebra painting or incorporating zebra-printed home decor artwork, you can contrast the black and white tones with brighter shades to make your artwork more prominent. 

Focus on the Material or Texture

Animal paintings are available on different materials, fabrics, and textures, apart from canvases. Depending on your tastes, personality, and your room’s style and theme, go for the best choice. We recommend you go for premium quality materials, finishes, and textures to give your room a classic and aesthetic look. For example, go for high-quality canvas paintings and good fabrics like faux fur for your animal-printed throw pillows for your bed or sofa. 

Match Your Artwork with Your Room’s Theme and Style

Choose animal paintings and figurines according to your room’s specific theme, tone, color schemes, and style. Your home decor pieces should match the particular style of your living space and home interiors. Try experimenting with contrasting shades and playing with warmer and cooler tones to beautify your dream home. 

Improve the Lighting Conditions

Lighting is a vital element of home interiors, and it will dominate the look of your paintings and other artwork. Keep your rooms well-lit and focus on bringing in natural lighting as far as feasible. For example, you can keep your animal paintings near the windows or opposite large mirrors to reflect the light. You can also use spotlights to highlight your paintings and make the decorative spaces properly visible. 

Place Animal Printed Rugs on Your Floors

You can place animal-printed rugs of a species of your choice, such as tiger, leopard, zebra, giraffe, etc., especially for your bedroom floor. It will have the power of attracting the inhabitants’ or guests’ attention downward. However, if you are using animal-printed rugs for your bedroom or any other room, try sticking to minimalistic designs in other rooms and limiting the placement of animal images or paintings in your other rooms. 

Decorate Furniture with Animal Artwork

You can even decorate your furniture or other corners of your room. For example, you can give your bedroom a bold and vibrant look by placing an upholstered chair or bed table by covering them with animal-printed fabrics. Alternatively, you can position animal murals or figurines in your room’s corners, such as on the side table. But again, ensure to keep other furniture in the room in plain solid colors to make the animal artwork stand out. 

Use of Tiger-Striped Accents

Animal prints and paintings add a tone of naturalness and vibrancy to your room. Besides, such eclectic interiors also add some dynamic views and styles to your living space, catching the attention of your guests too. Even when used in small patterns, bold tiger stripes demand attention while reflecting your fearless and valiant personality. 

Neutral Animal Shades

While purchasing animal paintings, pick a canvas artwork that uses neutral tones colors, shades, and textures. Avoid overdoing a print or color, as it may look cluttered or congested. The best idea is to repeat the same pattern all over the dedicated space, or mix and match several patterns to create a dynamic and elegant look. 

For instance, in your living room, you can use wall art focusing more on cheetah reads rather than the usual stars as a background pattern. This proves that animal-printed artwork can serve as the best and more classic alternative to solid, neutral backgrounds. 

Create a Focal Point

In traditional homes, even a single animal wall art or display piece can create a lasting impact by creating an instant focal point. For example, zebra stripes may instantly catch the viewers’ eyes to pull them to the center. Besides, you can complement zebra paintings with a mix of white, gray, and green color schemes to match the tone of the artwork. 

Zebra-Striped Room Decor

Those black and white stripes can add glamor, class, and elegance to your room. Be it a zebra-striped carpet or a painting, they can instantly draw your eye toward this unique framed or carpeted artwork. To highlight the artwork and enhance its visual appeal, go for neutral shades for your walls and furniture to make the painting, wall art, or floor art the center of attraction. 

Statement Animal Figurines or Paintings

Animal wall art or figurines can serve as your room’s exclusive statement pieces, especially when you keep them in your hallway, your home’s entrance, or beside the TV unit. Different kinds of animal figurines, especially ones collected from various parts of the globe, can enhance the ambiance of your house. 

These unparalleled pieces of art come in various forms and shapes, such as houseleeks, table showpieces, candleholders, table or wall timepieces, painted canvases, kids wallpaper, rugs, throw pillows, etc. Apart from complementing your room’s classic or modern look, they will also reflect your personality and influence positive energies in the house. 

Final Words

We hope the above tips and tricks about decorating your home interiors with the right animal paintings or images. Let us know whether you like animal prints and whether you have any other ideas that we may have missed out on! You can get a good deal on animal paintings at online art galleries. Check all the certificates and documents to invest in credible art pieces from genuine artists and art curators. 

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