Who is Sahand Vafaei?

Who is Sahand Vafaei?

Sahand Vafaei, the founder of Utter Vision, was born in Tehran, Iran. Sahand is a young and emerging Iranian entrepreneur in the field of technology. Vafaei is active in the field of technology related to immigration. Recognized for its exceptional impact on FameRanks in Canada in 2019. When he was only 20 years old, he was recognized as one of the founders of the new generation.

Work history

Sahand Vafaei was mentioned several times as the youngest Iranian game maker before immigrating to Canada. Sahand Vafaei worked in one of the leading enterprise software companies in Iran (AfraSoft). When he was only 17 years old, he made a name for himself through the design and development of some games as a graphic designer and lead software developer at AfraSoft.

Some of the mobile apps and games developed by Sahand Vafaei are Jumping Dash Flick, Clash Flicker Basketball and Rocky Runner. which was later sold to Cafe Bazar in 2015.

Talents of Sahand Vafaei

Sahand Vafaei’s talents in the field of computer science were widely recognized and appreciated at an early age. In addition to developing applications as entertainment, Sahand also took responsibility for developing software such as Harley, LOCK Leather. Sahand was invited to participate in the Iranian national basketball team in 2013, Sahand immediately after his injury and saying goodbye to the Iranian national basketball team accelerated the development of his programs and software.

Emigration from Iran

After immigrating from Iran, Sahand Vafaei worked as an active programmer in Canada. Sahand’s success in programming and development of applications brought the idea of starting a startup in his mind. After a short time, Sahand’s first startup was launched in Canada. Sahand Vafaei is the founder of Utter Vision, who specializes in immigration related technologies in Canada. Considering the aging population, Canada has very good plans to attract skilled immigrants. Canada’s immigration goals in the coming years will improve the quality of life of Canadians.

Launch of Utter Vision

Sahand Vafaei, an entrepreneur living in Canada, for the first time launched a completely online platform for issuing Canadian tourist visas. Utter Vision’s software search engine is a service for more than 100 countries for immigration and visa.

Utter Vision allows international immigration consultants and visa applicants to access detailed information about visa issuance. Also, the Utter Vision startup performs the visa application process for international immigration consultants and visa applicants independently. One of the most common services of this startup is issuing electronic visas.

Utter Vision review

The Utter Vision platform initially only offered visa services to immigration companies. But with the development of this platform and the increase of customers, Sahand Vafaei, the founder of the Utter Vision platform, made it possible to obtain an online visa for all the people of the world. By launching an online platform for issuing Canadian tourist visas, Sahand Vafaei has greatly simplified the task of obtaining a visa. Apply for multi-country tourist visas on your own using a simple online platform in just a few minutes. Utter Vision is more than a platform, it’s your trusted partner to help you do what you do best.

Utter Vision artificial intelligence

From 2021, Sahand Vafaei realized the capabilities of artificial intelligence. For this reason, he thought of a specialized tool in the field of immigration. At the beginning of 2023, a new Utter Vision tool based on artificial intelligence was launched. This tool calculates the applicant’s chances of success before submitting the documents to the embassy.

Simply put, this artificial intelligence tells you how much chance you have of getting a visa. What are your problems, what are the deficiencies in your documents and how should you fix them? This tool helps the applicant to send the required documents to the embassy online with a high chance of success. The chance of getting a visa with the help of Utter Vision’s new artificial intelligence is more than 95%. This is a great number for the acceptance rate of an applicant to get a visa.

Management and creativity

Although Sahand Vafaei is a young manager, he has very high management and creativity. Sahand’s creativity and attractive ideas in the field of immigration have made him quickly known. His high management in advancing work goals has caused Utter Vision’s high growth. Due to the creation of new technology in this field, it will have a bright future in the new year.

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