The Remarkable Story of Forest City, an International Role Model for Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Building

Forest City is a master-planned community that may be found in the Malaysian state of Johor. It is a work of art that exemplifies the successful marriage of forward-thinking technologies and ecologically responsible design ideas. For the seventh year in a row, Forest City has been recognized as the most sustainable city by the Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA). The most recent honor, the 2022 Global Modal of Green and Intelligent Construction, is recognition of Forest City’s commitment to and efforts to develop environmentally friendly and technologically advanced urban environments.

What Makes Forest City a Unique Destination?

The fundamental principle underlying Forest City’s design is the establishment of a balance between human activity and the surrounding natural environment. The master plan for the city incorporates, among other things, environmentally friendly infrastructure, public transportation systems, and energy conservation measures. The development incorporates a complete network of smart technologies, such as green building materials, solar panels, rainwater collection systems, and geothermal energy.

Forest City’s sustainable development practices and innovative strategies have influenced many other cities worldwide. The success of Forest City serves as motivation for other developers to adopt environmentally friendly building practices and innovative technologies.

Forest City’s Contribution to Sustainable Development:

Forest City’s achievement in winning the SCAHSA Global Modal of Green and Intelligent Construction award highlights the city’s contribution to sustainable development. The city’s efforts in integrating nature into urban areas and living in harmony with it is commendable. This integration has improved the city’s health and well-being, tackled biodiversity loss, and built climate resilience.

Forest City’s green spaces and sustainable design promote a healthy lifestyle for its residents. The city’s transportation system is designed to encourage walking and cycling, reducing the dependence on cars and other forms of transportation that contribute to air pollution. The city’s buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.


The story of Forest City’s success is an unmistakable illustration of how an unwavering dedication to environmentally responsible building practices can make a difference. A precedent has been established by Forest City for other developers all over the world to follow in the creation of intelligent and environmentally friendly towns. The SCAHSA awards serve as a platform to recognize the importance of sustainability in modern cities. Because of the ongoing rise in the global population, city planners of the future will need to give sustainable development practices and policies top priority and build them into their infrastructure.

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