Looking For Back To 1990: Brian Lara Breaking A Test Match For West Indies

Looking For Back To 1990: Brian Lara Breaking A Test Match For West Indies

BRIAN LARA made a superb debut for the West Indies at the age of 21. He scored 49 points for the entire match, a remarkable achievement for left-handed racquets.

According to specific information, two decades ago the polishing genius BRIAN LARA made his amazing Cricket debut in the West Indies with a match in Pakistan in Lahore. He made a red-ball at the age of 21, in the final test match of Pakistan’s three-game series against the West Indies. His surprising result in his first appearance was 49 points all game. BRIAN LARA is truly a bright aura, a prominent star in the game of Cricket.

However, this is still not a memorable match for BRIAN LARA, because the match ended in a 1-1 draw, West Indies and Pakistan had to share the glory.

West Indies captain Desmond Haynes chose to hit the stick, a decision that was unpopular with his teammates as the team lost the top three in just 31 points. On the Pakistani side, captain Imran Khan delivered a remarkable breakthrough after the first round by eliminating the opponent from the attack. Then, Wasim Akram trapped Richie Richardson in front of the three pillars (wicket) when Imran Khan turned to chase Gordon Greenidge to continue to destroy the visitors’ half.

In 4th place, when the ball was hit, Lara and Carl Hooper added 95 points to the 4th wicket. Windies’ round stabilized before he was knocked out of attack by Abdul Qadir. Besides that Carl Hooper attacked the other end and went on to score 134 points. The total result submitted to the away team scored an admirable score of 294.

Pakistan took advantage as the home team, the team was ahead by 122 points and WI was 177 points ahead.

The West team was unsuccessful in their aim to replicate the first half, which was surpassed by Pakistan by 173 points in the second half. Pakistan then tries to reach the target of 346 points and win the match. However, this is not easy for Pakistan, in the fourth round Pakistan failed and they chose the safer option of Draw.

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