How 96M Become One of Malaysia's Most Trusted and Largest Online Casino

How 96M Become One of Malaysia’s Most Trusted and Largest Online Casino?

Nobody wants to compromise when real money is at stake and therefore, choosing a legitimate online gambling platform in Malaysia is very important. One has to be extremely careful and conscious while making a choice. Finding the best and most trusted online casino is not very easy because a lot of things need to be looked for before getting started on any online gambling website. In this article, we are going to tell you how 96M became one of the most trusted online casino Malaysia, and why you should choose this gambling website without any worries.

Gambling in its all forms is officially illegal in Malaysia but a handful of online and land-based casinos are deemed legal by the government because of their fair and transparent gambling practices. Gambling is mostly seen as a hobby or habitual, but one can make a successful career as a gambler if he/she puts effort into learning useful tricks and starts off with a trusted gambling platform. A trustworthy online gambling platform has a huge number of online games, unparalleled customer support services, unmatched banking options, and huge bonuses, rewards, & discounts.

Therefore, identifying the user requirements before choosing an online gambling platform is very important. If someone is looking for an exciting, thrilling, and entertaining gambling experience with a number of winning opportunities and huge pay-lines then 96M online casino Malaysia is the right choice for you. Let’s learn more about the platform which will help you make the decision quickly.

  1. Huge Library of Gambling Games

96M online casino Malaysia is one of the few online gambling websites that have a huge library of fun and thrilling gambling games for everyone. They have a highly advanced gaming server which is constantly upgraded, and new features are introduced to keep the audience loyal to the platform and provide smooth gameplay free of any glitches and errors. The games are elegant and full of vibrancy with beautiful graphics and the interface of the website is entirely user-friendly so that players do not face any issues in finding their favorite games. One can find games in almost every category on 96M that ranges from:

  • Arcade Games
  • Shooting Games
  • Interactive Online Slot Games
  • Live Casino Tables
  • Live Poker Tables
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Fishing Games
  • Online Sportsbook
  • E-sports
  • Online Lottery

And much more. The players will never get bored while playing on this website because of unlimited playing options and huge winning rewards.

2- Endless Rebates, Bonuses, and Promotions

96M is very famous for its generous rewards and bonuses. Right after players complete their registration process on the platform, they are given a 100% welcome bonus along with an opportunity to play on live casino tables which depends on the amount of the initial deposit. Not only this but players also receive tons of bonuses during games, and they are given multiple chances to earn daily and weekly bonuses. Moreover, the players are also provided with occasional free spins and special rescue bonuses. Furthermore, special bonuses are also provided on their birthdays and important occasions such as Chinese New Year etc.

Exciting, isn’t it? What’s more, the casino also provides numerous rebates on live casinos, sportsbooks, and online slots. You can win Rebates up to 1% on live casinos, 1% on slots, and 1.5% on sportsbooks wages at 96M online casino Malaysia. The purpose of providing multiple promotions, bonuses, and rebates is to minimize the chances of loss for the players and help them earn more so that you can enjoy playing at 96M. That’s why 96M is so famous in Malaysia and trusted worldwide as the best online casino Malaysia.

3- Benefits for VIP Membership

While every member enjoys a range of benefits for playing at 96M, VIP members get special treatment. There are 4 levels of VIP membership starting from bottom to top; the first level is Gold, then Platinum, Diamond, and Signature. Each of the membership levels has its own perks and at the Signature level, a player gets to enjoy all of the benefits that the platform has to offer.

Alon with the bonuses and rebates mentioned previously, the VIP members get an additional 8% bonus in live casino tables, 15% in slot games, 30% in daily & weekly bonuses and much more. In short, the VIP members have access to different privileges depending on their level. Furthermore, as a VIP member you can get additional rewards by referral so the more you refer, the more you will get from your winnings.

4- Safe and Secure Gambling Environment

When it comes to online gambling people are more worried about scams, hacks, or frauds than concentrating on their games which reduces their chances of winning. Therefore, 96M online casino Malaysia made sure to provide a safe & secure online gambling experience to the players. To ensure this the casino has made liaisons with trusted banks such as BSN, RHB, and AMBank and partnered up with trusted international transaction platforms such as PayPal, Skrill, and EeziePay to make payments quick, easy, and convenient. Moreover, an advanced and heavily encrypted system is put in place to ensure the safety of players’ money during transactions.

96M has a system in place which alerts the moderators if any kind of hack, error, or scam is detected by the system. The moderator then block the source in an instant and nabbed the scammer before it tries to steal the personal information or money from the players.

The team at 96M is composed of highly professional and ethical staff members. Therefore, you can put your trust in the platform without thinking twice.


At 96M online casino Malaysia everything is transparent, simple, and straightforward. One just needs to register on the platform by putting in some basic information and deposit a minimum of 50 MYR to get started with games. After that, the players can enjoy a huge library of exciting and thrilling casino games such as poker, slots, live casino tables, e-sports, lotteries, and much more. Just click on the link, and start playing on the most trusted and the best online gambling platform to earn huge amounts of real money and turn your dreams into reality.

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