Advancing Peripheral Intervention Solutions with Braidin™ MG Steerable Guiding Sheath

Discover APT Medical, a trusted provider of innovative medical devices for the peripheral intervention field. Their comprehensive range of solutions includes the Braidin™ MG Steerable Guiding Sheath, designed to revolutionize EP procedures and provide precise maneuverability for accessing challenging areas of the heart.

Superior Control in Catheter Access and Support

Experience superior control in catheter access and support with the Braidin™ MG Steerable Guiding Sheath from APT Medical. Its steerable sheath tip enables healthcare professionals to navigate hard-to-reach regions of the heart with exceptional accuracy, enhancing procedural success and patient outcomes.

Key Features of Braidin™ MG Steerable Guiding Sheath

– Bi-directional Steering: The Braidin™ MG offers bi-directional steering up to 180°, simplifying access to complex anatomies encountered in EP procedures. This feature empowers healthcare professionals to precisely position catheters in challenging areas, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.

– Superior Curve Retention: With its braided structure, the Braidin™ MG provides superior curve retention, maintaining stability and control even during long EP procedures. This feature enhances navigation through tortuous anatomy, allowing for reliable catheter placement.

– Enhanced Radiopacity: The Braidin™ MG features enhanced radiopacity, providing improved visibility under imaging guidance. This ensures easier and more accurate localization of the guiding sheath, facilitating efficient and precise EP interventions.

– Ergonomic Design: Designed with user comfort in mind, the Braidin™ MG is equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy operation. This ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue, enabling medical professionals to perform procedures with enhanced dexterity and efficiency.


Choose APT Medical as your trusted partner for advancing Electrophysiology procedures. With their innovative solutions, including the Braidin™ MG Steerable Guiding Sheath, they empower medical professionals to achieve superior control and precision, ultimately improving patient treatment and outcomes.

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