A Hospital’s Choice for Quality and Convenience: WEGO’s Disposable Infusion Set

WEGO has become a trusted supplier of disposable infusion sets for hospitals worldwide. With a focus on quality and convenience, WEGO’s infusion sets have gained popularity among healthcare professionals. The WG01-001-015 model, an infusion set with a burette, exemplifies WEGO’s commitment to providing hospitals with reliable and user-friendly disposable infusion sets.

Certifications and Quality Assurance

WEGO places a strong emphasis on maintaining rigorous quality standards for its infusion sets. The majority of their products are certified by internationally recognized organizations such as ISO, CE, and FDA. These certifications attest to the quality and safety of WEGO’s infusion sets, providing hospitals with reassurance that they are using reliable and compliant medical devices. By adhering to stringent quality assurance protocols, WEGO ensures that their disposable infusion sets consistently meet the highest standards of performance and patient safety.

Convenience and Comprehensive Accessories

WEGO’s disposable infusion sets offer hospitals a convenient and comprehensive solution for fluid administration. The WG01-001-015 model is designed for gravity use, with options for 20 or 60 drops per milliliter, catering to different treatment requirements. Moreover, WEGO provides a wide range of basic accessories with their infusion sets, including spikes, caps, chambers, air filters, flow regulators, roller clamps, tubes, latex injection sites, or latex-free “Y” sites, and luer slip or luer lock adapters, with or without needles. This comprehensive offering ensures that hospitals have all the necessary components readily available for efficient and hassle-free fluid administration.


WEGO’s disposable infusion sets, including the WG01-001-015 model with a burette, have become the preferred choice for hospitals seeking high-quality and convenient solutions for fluid administration. With ISO, CE, and FDA certifications, WEGO demonstrates its commitment to delivering reliable and compliant medical devices. The comprehensive range of accessories provided with their infusion sets ensures that hospitals have all the necessary components for successful and efficient fluid administration. By selecting WEGO’s disposable infusion sets, hospitals can confidently provide optimal patient care while enjoying the convenience and reliability offered by these trusted medical devices.

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